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Full Version: Forced sissydom
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You and your friend were caught spying in the girls' changing room.

Rather than report you to the authorities the girls offer you a choice: You will both wear a baby doll nightie. One of you will wear panties. One will wear a nappy. You have five minutes to choose. If you don't choose you will be reported, and inevitably expelled.

It's the worst five minutes of your lives.

Eventually you draw straws. You draw. You have to wear the panties.

What the girls didn't tell you is that you would then be forced to kiss each other, and that they would film it for future blackmail.
Well Ali, those boys certainly deserved their punishment. So very humiliating though. With those pictures, I suspect this isn’t the last time these new sissies will be kissing - and more. And with the way the one boy is reaching into the others diaper, I don’t think it will be to difficult to get them to take the next step.
They should have had prior spankings, from the girls, then dressed. Well, it's never to late!
I’m sure the boys will receive a spanking at some point. Perhaps they’ll be forced to administer a sound over the knee spanking to each other while the girls watch on laughing.