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Full Version: New Wedding Tradition?
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When I was about ten, my neighbors (including my best friend) moved from the city to the suburbs. Their new house had what was in the 1960s the ultimate status symbol of middle class life: an in-ground swimming pool.

Shortly after they moved, my friend's mom Matilda invited my mom and myself out to their home for a pool party. So I wouldn't have to change clothes in their house, mom made me wear my swimming trunks under my pants.

When we arrived, my friend, his younger brother, and I all decided to go for a swim. We were all up in their room in the house when they simply stripped off their clothes and ran naked into the backyard and pool. I was in some disbelief. I just took off my pants and ran into the pool in my swimsuit, a bit confused as to what was expected of me, but pretending not to notice what they had done.

As the day wore on I began to notice how Matilda had a bit of a smirk and doted on her boys. They got water ices, ice cream, and all sorts of summertime treats. It seemed as if being naked was what Matilda expected of her boys, and if they obeyed without complaint, they got lavish treatment. That seemed like a fair deal to me, and since my two friends seemed to enjoy swimming and frolicking around naked, I asked my mom if I could take off my bathing suit and join them. Not a chance. My mom was quite prudish.

Since then, I have viewed being naked in the presence of powerful women as a form of complete devotion and respect. Perhaps a form of ultimate trust. What was most interesting about my friend's behavior is that he didn't bring a towel or robe with him. He had no way of quickly covering up if he needed to; he was totally vulnerable.

I have always felt that boys should have a range of experiences that prevent the formation of aggressive tendencies and a domineering ego. I think that will go a long way toward reducing violence and sexist behavior in our world. So I would like to propose a new wedding tradition.

Weddings are all about the bride. The groom is only an appendage. Where there is no groom, i.e., at lesbian weddings, why not have a naked boy act as a cupid, clad only in ballet flats and wings, with a bow and arrow costume, accompany the brides?

I am realistic. Weddings are formal affairs that involve family members. But there could be a woman-only reaffirmation of vows after the legal ceremony is over, or a woman-only reception and after party.

I hardly think there is anything immoral about this. Family nudity in a controlled, safe setting isn't unheard of, nor is nudity at weddings. We are a bit uptight about it in the US, but in Europe this idea might catch on. So long as there is nothing abusive or salacious about it, this idea seems perfectly legal.

I think a naked boy, or perhaps several, as cupids would symbolize purity and devotion at a wedding. It would wonderfully empower the women and be a good empathy builder for the boys.