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Full Version: What to wear with nappies.
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You've been put into a big thick terry nappy by your auntie. Before she takes you downstairs for your cousins to see you she tells you she's going to finish off your babyish outfit. 

What would be the worst thing you could imagine being made to wear over your nappy?
Recently my girlfriend has taken to making me wear my 'plastics' when I'm diapered. Instead of just plastic panties all my nightclothes are now plastic. I have different tops and panties.

It started as a punishment for leaking in bed, but now it's pretty much daily. The worst is when the plastic is transparent, because then you feel enclosed and naked at the same time. It's really humiliating and confusing to walk around like that. That would be my pick. I
When i have my 11 and 13 year old boys in nappies, its all they wear. Sometimes a t shirt if its cold.Maybe a very short dress once i go down that route.
Oh no! Can I change my vote? I didn't read the explanation where it said the "worst". I chose the frilly knickers and skirt combo, though I'd prefer a tutu. The worst would be nothing 'cuz I like to wear pretty things.
Just a cute t shirt with '' I love my cloth diapers"
Anything in see through/transparent soft plastic or PVC, such as an overall and matching apron. All is left on display to see yet your in a skivvy's attire.
I think it would be appropriate for me to wear a clear PVC baby bonnet and pacifier with matching clear PVC panties
I'm an adult baby so I wear most things with nappies

From baby dresses to onsies with a skirt to shortalls to a onsie tshirt (that's a t-shirt with a snap crotch) which is great for going out in.

Due to health reasons I can't sleep in PJs or anything really - I get to hot but I still have them from when I could
I love my onesie t-shirts. They're SO babyish when worn over just a nappy and baby knickers - with the edges of my knickers so clearly visible.

But I can also wear them with jeans or a skirt and no-one can tell it's not just a normal t-shirt.
I can't imagine wearing only a diaper for an entire day.  First of all, in my opinion, plastic panties are a must even with disposable diapers especially during nap time when there is the greatest chance of leaks.  Along with a diaper and plastic panties a onesie seems like a must.  For more dress-up occasions a pretty baby dress and complimentary plastic lined rumba panties would be appropriate.
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