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Full Version: Does anyone have any opinions on this panty?
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Qin.Orianna Men’s Hiding Gaff Panty Shaper Brief for Crossdressing Transgender

I would love to buy this panty to look and feel more sissy, feminine and lady-like proper as I should up front in my clothes.
Has anyone here ever bought and used this panty and is it worth buying.
If it works like is says, I'm likely to buy many of these. Thanks!
I haven't tried this panty, sissycindylynn, but I love it. I think it would certainly improve a sissy's look in jeans, shorts or yoga pants...hiding any unsightly bulges...and it's suitably feminine. Be careful with shows only 73% of purchasers found it to fit as expected. You may notice that in the extra pictures, there is a sizing chart. If you do buy one, please review it here...would love to read your opinions!

sissy jamieanne
I just seen this on a web sight this past weekend all though I do not recall which sight it was on. I also thought about buying a pair. For the price I think it is a good deal since I have thrown away more money on lesser meaningful items which I should have never bought. I think it would be neat wearing a pair of yoga pants over them. Blush