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Full Version: My Aunty Makes bABy Clothes for me
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My mummy has a sister that we introduced to our friend another baby here in Bangkok and after about 6 months together he paid for her to go and learn to do dressmaking.

Now 2 years later she has become very adept at making baby clothes and dresses.

Her baby is from Switzerland and love to wear girly clothes, she has been out for many years about her cross dressing and goes out in public dressed as a woman. Actually here in Thailand it is much more accepted than most countries as they are famous for lady boys.



Hope you like my pictures, I will be having more baby clothes made soon.

bABy Bunnykins and Nanny Ann
I buy a lot of my baby stuff from

It's good quality and they're reliable and discreet.
No problem Ali I have used Cosindry too, but now I have my clothes made by my aunt and was offering this service to others.
My mistress makes me up like a baby from time to time she uses women pull ups on me they are pretty and she has ordered baby clothes from the store on Aunt Helgas web site. Goo goo Cheryl