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Full Version: Recommended way to post photos, videos, and articles
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Recommended way to post photos, videos, and articles - ModeratorM

First of all, it is preferable to post a link to your photo rather than the photo itself. The petticoated world has limited server space. allows money-free hosting of uncensored images and provides links for different posting methods. They do, however, add a link to a porn sit to all photos hosted. Otherwise, the service is recommended.

If you use, please add a notice like the following to your post:

Image hosted by Postimage. Clicking the image takes you to a porn. site. Don't click it!

Here's a way to get a picture of your favorite sissy here for all to see:

Go to Mediafire and establish a free account. The interface is easy to use and they supply some instructions in PDF files.

Be very careful about copyright in whatever you post to any Petticoated forum.

I am uncertain whether they allow pictures of genitals.

Unfortunately, posting links so your photos appear in the post is not straightforward. When I figure it out, I will update this message.