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Full Version: Petticoated Forum Posting Guidlines
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Petticoated Forum Posting Guidlines - ModeratorM

The principles of allowable content for and the previous forum apply here as well.
* Slurs and insults of all kinds are not allowed.
* Keep descriptions of physical chastisements and sexual situations to a decorous minimum.
* Please post images in a context — to illustrate your text, not mere pornographic images
* Sexually explicit images not allowed
* Links to news articles about transgendered youth are allowed provided the children are fully clothed and not displayed in any sexually provocative manner.
* Please avoid placing copyrighted images (or any other type of information) on the forum. Place links to the items rather than posting the items themselves. Copyright holders such as Getty Images and the Hulton Archive and others have sued operators of websites for copyright violations. Don't be the member who jeopardizes the entire forum!

* Provided you use great care and discretion, tasteful images of fully clothed transgendered children in non-sexual poses and situations are allowed. You are encouraged to pre-clear images with a moderator. Knowing that pedophiles are aroused by images others regard as not suggestive, ask yourself if the image might arouse a pedophile. If you say yes or maybe, don’t post or pre-clear the image.

* Tasteful pictures of petticoated males and their Superiors are encouraged
* Violation dealt with individually. Sanctions may range from a private email to banning

To report a post or image to a moderator, please include a link to the post. There are too many posts for moderators to see each one. We rely upon our regular posters to keep our fora decorous.