Forum Announcement: Elements of a True Confession
One of the most valuable lessons I learned in my anger management group was the elements of a true confession.

First of all, the confession must focus on my bad behavior. Perhaps I feel I was provoked into whatever transgression I committed. If you feel you must can include someone else's behavior in your confession, you are not ready to confess. Sit with your attitude until you realize you have wronged or harmed or insulted someone, and then begin to formulate a genuine apology.

The first element is a statement of what you did wrong. Describe the behavior clearly and without elaboration.

The next element is speculative: you imagine how your action may have made the wronged person feel when I did X, I imagine you felt Y.

Next comes the actual apology. I'm sorry I did X, and that I harmed you as a result.

The last element is a statement about how you will avoid similar transgressions in the future.

I hope what I learned in group can help you.

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