Aunt Helga has requested that I describe my philosophy of Female Empowerment, and my system. First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Mary Morgan, that is Dr. Mary Morgan. I have been a licensed child psychologist for over forty years. I received my B.S. from U.C.L.A., my M.S. from Northwestern, and my P.H.D. from Columbia. I am in my early seventies, and semi-retired. I have been a Female Supremest since Goddess knows when. I call my version of Female Supremacy, Female Empowerment.

What is Female Empowerment? It is the control of the inferior gender through love not pain. There are no whips, crops, paddles, chains, rope, collars, or cuffs involved in Female Empowerment. It is turning every family I work with into a matriarchy, with the mother as the supreme matriarch of the family, and her daughters into Jr. Matriarchs until they marry. Then they become the matriarch of their own family units. Petticoating is a large part of the process. One must start with the child, and the mother to spread Female Empowerment. For years I used books to introduce selected mothers to petticoating, then this site opened up, and it is now the first resource I use. I also use the Demale training pamphlets, however I do not agree with everything Demale does. I am not interested in creating a generation of eunuch sissies through blockers, hormones, and body modifications. However if the mother wishes to use them I do not prevent her. I do believe in the use of chastity devices used from puberty, and throughout adulthood. The key to the device is a symbol of female authority, and is passed from his mother to the woman who is marrying him. What is the ideal male in Female Empowerment? As a child he is totally obedient to female authority, first his mother, and then his sisters. As an adult he is a fully functioning, heterosexual man totally obedient to the authority of the woman who has made him her wife first, and then to their daughters. Every facet of the male's life is controlled by a female, from what he wears, to what he does. I would like to add that Female Empowered marriages work. To the best of my knowledge there has never been any cheating, or divorce in any Female Empowered family. My own marriage has lasted for fifty years, my daughters twenty five, my sons twenty.

What is my system? Actually I have three systems. One for the mother, another for girls, and the one for boys. The first step is to find the right family to teach Female Empowerment. The selection starts with the mother. I look for women who have been raped, and have young children. Or battered women who have divorced the man who battered them, and have young children. Finally unwed mothers with young children. These are women who have been abused by the male dominated society we live in. Women who are ready for a new beginning in a life where they are in charge. Not only have they been abused, but society has turned their children into anti social monsters. First I convince them that they want a new beginning. That it is necessary for them to change to help their children. I remind them that they will have a big part in their children's therapy. Besides their bi-weekly counseling with me, they attend a networking group of women with children in the same age group of their own who are already empowered. Since some of these women are married, they bring their wives along so the new members of the networking group can see the benefits of Female Empowerment.

Girls are born with a natural dominance which the male dominated society destroys through many means. Whether through what they call girl oriented toys, books, and TV shows which depict women as weak and dependent on men. When working with girls I have to restore that natural dominance, and channel it to controlling boys with love. I have to show the girls just how superior they are. Girls have to learn that they are capable of much more than they think. They have to be self-reliant, strong, and independent. They need to experience the joy, and pleasure of commanding boys, and being obeyed. It is through this commanding, and obedience that they help with their brothers therapy. To this end besides having bi-weekly counseling with me they attend monthly children's parties where there are boys their own age for them to practice commanding. At the parties there are girls learning to be empowered, and girls who are the children of an empowered mother. The girls become playmates, and lifelong friends.

When it comes to boys, I not only have to remove the male dominated society's false notion of macho, but boys anti-social behavior as well. My system involves using the males natural desire for love and affection. It is really quite simple. When as a child he acts properly he gets love and affection from his mother and his sisters. As an adult he gets love and affection from the woman who has made him her wife, and his daughters. He might also get some sort of physical reward as well, what it is will depend on what he likes most. When he does not act properly, he is denied love and affection, and what he likes most. This is how his mother, and sisters are involved in his therapy. The first step with boys involves petticoating. All his clothes, and toys have to be removed from his room. His clothes are replaced with a girls dress. He is then given the option to either put on the dress, and be a good girl, or remain naked and be a bad boy. If he puts on the dress, and is a good girl he gets praise, hugs, and kisses. As well as another reward. If not call him a bad boy, and he gets nothing. Eventually he realizes that being a good girl earns rewards.

In the beginning boys will see petticoating as punishment. But they soon begin to love their pretty clothes. At this point the dresses themselves become a reward. Good girls wear dresses, bad boys do not. Since he will have no boys clothes, bad boys are naked. This serves another purpose as well. When he is naked he can't go out of the house. He can only leave the house when he is a good girl. When he is in a dress and goes out the boys that he called his friends will ridicule him. Then he will no longer associate with the other boys in the neighborhood, and learn bad habits from them. He does have to go to school. It might be necessary for him to wear pants in school. As part of his new wardrobe get him girls pants that can in no way be seen as boys pants, perhaps pink jeans, or jeans with pretty appliqués. To go with the pants get him a girls T-shirt. They have such nice things printed on them, like Mommies little girl.

Toys are used to train him for his future roll in life. Give him a doll to play with, show him how to diaper his baby, feed her, burp her, bath her, and dress her. Use toy brooms, and vacuums to teach him how to clean house. A toy kitchen will teach him to cook. A toy washer will show him how to do laundry. Always tell him how much fun it is to be a homemaker. Make it a game to scrub the floors, clean the commode, and do all those other household chores. Little by little as he grows, turn all the housework, and cooking over to him to do. These are skills he will have to know later in life when he is a woman's wife, and has to clean her home, cook the meals, and care for a baby.

Socialization is important in a child's life. Since his old friends will have nothing to do with him any longer, he needs new friends. To this end besides his bi-weekly counseling, he attends a monthly party with other children in his age group. The guest list includes the children of Female Empowered families. It is the same party that the girls attend. This gives him a chance to make new friends who are going through the same process he is. Because the boys might be at different levels of training, from beginning to fully trained, he can learn from his peers who are further along. The parties also are an opportunity for the boys to learn proper respect for the superior gender. At the parties the boys are dressed in pink dresses, the girls wear any color except pink. When a girl approaches a boy to practice her dominance, he is taught to show her respect by performing a curtsy.

My system is simple, put your boy in petticoats, and he will soon become a good obedient son and love wearing them. Use toys and games to prepare him for his future role as the loving, obedient wife of an empowered woman. Give him love, affection, and treats only when he behaves like a good girl. He will soon strive to hear you say, "That's my good girl", remember it might be hard at first to deny him love, and affection when he acts like a bad boy, but it is necessary to do so. Follow these rules, and you will have a child you can be proud of.

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