It Started With Her Panties

I was in my room doing my homework and I broke my pencil. Knowing my sister had a bunch of pencils I went to her room and got one. As I started out I saw a pair of her panties and a matching bra. My hands started shaking, my head seemed to feel light. I had many times saw her undies but never this close. I picked up the shiny panties and the bra and I was shaking more. I took the things to my room. I did not at first think what I would do with them. Some of my friends told me that they had sniffed their girlfriends panties. One told me that he would put the panties to his nose where the stride was and then even the back side of them. I put the stride of my sister's panties they had an aroma that was really nice. I did not smell the backside.

I was on my way back to her room when she popped out of her room, she looked at the panties and bra in my hand. She looked at me as if I had got myself in trouble. I tried to tell her a lie and that I had found them in my laundry basket and did not know how they got there. She said that she knew she was lying because she had just took the off about a half hour ago. I knew I was caught and I began to beg her not to tell anyone. The more she told me that she was going to tell everyone at school and Mom and dad also. Sandy told me that my life was over so to speak.

Sandy told me she would think about what she would do and she would let me know tomorrow. She said something that made me worry, as she looked into my eyes deeply she said Nancy, you can go now. I did not sleep much that night. I got up hopefully before her. I opened my door hoping not to make any noise. I saw a note on her door and looked at it. The note said, Nancy, I want you to go in my room and get the bag on my bed. You will take them to the laundry room and wash out my things and then put the in the dryer, then take them to my room. When I had done that I saw another note on her mirror that read, The things in the red bag on my dresser are yours. You are to go back to your room and put them on. I saw the panties that had a note printed with a marker on the back "Pink for Sissies". Nancy you will look so cute in your panties and bra and the stockings. The garter belt was really hard to get done. I then put on my jeans and shirt.

  As I got to the front door she stood there. Sandy was going to make this bad for me. She said some of the other girls are going to the mall, you are going with us or you can go to your ball game and we will go and cheer Nancy on, it is your choice. I said I would go with her, knowing I did not want to be humiliated by four girls. Sandy and I met the others and Sandy introduced me as Nancy. They all swooned over me as if I was a new girl in the group. They told me that they were going to pick out some things for me. We walked to a women's dress shop. They would make me stand still as they would hold dresses up to my body and see if they were a good look for me. One of the clerks said she would prefer we not hold them up to her we must use the fitting room in the middle of the store. There were four rooms made back to back to each other. They would make me step out so they could see me better. The clerk that had told us to use the fitting room stayed with us all the time we were fitting my clothes.

I was coming out of the fitting room and to my humiliation I saw Dani, she is a girl I worshiped and she saw me and began to look shocked. I don't know why but I began to cry just like a little girl. Everyone was laughing and one of the girls lifted the back of my dress up to expose the panties with the sign "Pink for Sissies" on the back. From that day forth I became a Maid, laundry person, and whatever they everyone  wanted me to do. The only thing that helped at all was the girls started bring their boyfriends dressed like a sissy.

This is not the way I wanted my life to go, now Dani is my Mistress/wife. I think I am beginning to get used to some of the things I have to do. I do have a job four days a week at a shop that does the foot massage and yes often licking strange women's feet as I am told to by my Mistress since she owns the shop. If you want to become a sissy think about it first.


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