from Baby Alice

Dear Auntie Helga,

I have not written to you for some time, but Madame Anne (my Mother in Law), has ordered me to tell you of an incident that occurred two nights ago at dinner, to which Madame had invited several of her friends.

After the meal, the Ladies were relaxing in the lounge whilst I was clearing the dinner table and washing up in the kitchen when the buzzer went. Of course I immediately left the dishes and went to attend to the guests, pouring and serving such drinks as each lady wished. One Lady however, a certain Miss Rogers, did not want an alcoholic beverage but asked for coffee instead. Having finished serving the others, I knelt beside the guest inquiring how she liked her coffee. This action brought me opposite Mrs. Hollis who, at that moment stretched out her legs, doubtless to make herself more comfortable, but which afforded a glimpse up her skirt of the pale yellow panties she happened to be wearing over her pantyhose.

Dearest Auntie, I know it was both wrong, and also extremely disrespectful to the Lady in question, but my eyes were drawn to the sight as dress pins to a magnet. Honestly Auntie, the sudden movement caught me unaware; I had looked before I thought. The thing was that this action had been noticed by most of the guests including Miss Rogers, who was most put out that my distraction made it necessary for her to repeat herself, also of course Mrs. Hollis who glared daggers at me for my disgusting behaviour. As you may imagine Auntie, having served the coffee to Miss Rogers, I knew that I was in for a well-deserved punishment.

I knelt abjectly on the floor in the centre of the Ladies but facing Mrs. Hollis who, though her legs were crossed at the ankles had stretched her knees as wide as her skirt would allow, whilst hearing my most profound apology, as if daring me to repeat my transgression. I however remained with my eyes glued to her feet, which I kissed at the finish to show my true contrition.

But of course an apology does not expunge such a crime to ones superiors, consequently although I was wearing my maids dress for the occasion, as required for a baby girl, I was wearing my nappies underneath. While the other Ladies watched, Madame Anne laid me on my back and removed it and to my extreme humiliation, she showed it to the guests who giggled amongst themselves at how wet it was. I was then bent over an arm of the sofa with two women holding me down while they each took it in turn to deliver six strokes of the tawse to my bare upturned bottom and thighs.

The punishment was a very hard one Auntie, which I am sure you will approve of, so much so that despite the two pairs of panties that were stuffed into my mouth to quiet me, Madame thought that I made far too much fuss over it, the result of which was that I received a further two strokes from each Lady. After a further apology, and thanking the Ladies for my correction, the wet nappy was replaced, and having served another round of drinks, I was permitted to go back to the Kitchen, repair my makeup, and finish my chores, all whilst serving the whims of the Ladies as they laughed and chatted among themselves.

Lady Julia (my Wife), arrived home mid-morning of the following day, and I received another lecture followed by six strokes of the cane to my still purple bottom, when Madame told her what had happened, and being an avid follower of your site, it was she who suggested writing to you in order to get some advice on this matter.

I have said that although I know it was a disgusting, and extremely disrespectful thing to do, it is my contention that under such circumstances, any male would have glanced at such an exhibition. Madame on the other hand says that I am not a male, I am a baby girl, when not required for chores or service, and in any case should display nothing but the highest respect for my betters. Also since Lady’s underwear presents such a profound fascination for me, it should be shown only in the care I treat such garments when doing the laundry.

Dearest Auntie Helga, Madame has asked for any advice you may have on this problem, and also, if it is not too much to ask, for some lines for me to write on the subject and help keep me reminded of my station, and to fill any spare time I may have.

Yours truly,

Baby Alice

Thank you for your letter Baby Alice. Let me first say how fortunate your are to have a strong confident wife and in laws that appreciate your training. Of course you should have averted your eyes immediately when spying like some schoolboy. Something along this could be written; "Only sissies become excited at the sight of panties and should be prepared to suffer the consequences for this affront to the woman's dignity".

Auntie Helga

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