from Her Maid

Dear Auntie Helga,

For a few years, I had a relationship that evolved into a female led relationship. It started with me being a practice model for a girl attending cosmetology school and evolved into her insisting I dress as a female when she practiced on me. I then began doing her housework after each practice session. Later, I moved in with her and played the role of the submissive wife in a female led relationship, which included continuing the housework and also the cooking.

One day, she jokingly said I was more like her maid and then decided I take on that role. Our relationship changed and I became more of a servant. She began seeing men and I helped her get ready for her dates. She referred to me as her Lady's maid. At one point in this process, she confided in me that she was actually receiving advice from a neighbor. The neighbor was an elegant British woman who lived in our apartment building. I was shocked to learn this. I had no idea this lady knew of our relationship, let alone was encouraging it. It was her suggestion that I evolve into the lady's maid role.

Eventually, the girl I was with found a man and decided to move in with him. When she told me she was leaving, I felt helpless and abandoned. She picked up on my despair. She wrote down the neighbor's phone number and handed it to me, saying I obviously needed a woman to serve and should call her. She said she had already spoken with her and she was expecting my call. She moved her things and then left me.

It took me a few days of pondering this, sitting alone in a half empty the apartment, until I discovered she was right. I would be happier serving a woman. I also realized she had literally discussed a transfer of ownership in advance of leaving. I wondered what she had said to this woman and what this woman expected. I mustered up the courage to make the call. I made the call and would soon learn what a British lady expects of a lady's maid.

Her Maid

Thank you for your letter Her Maid. Her generosity in sharing her skills with you obviously encouraged you participate completely, we wish you luck in finding another Lady to serve.

Auntie Helga

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