From Gillian D.

Dear Susan,

It is sometime now since I last wrote to you about my husband, Doreen, and his experiences, and I felt that I should give you an update. I would also like to take this opportunity to pose a few questions that your readers may be able to help me with.

Doreen no longer wears slacks, and is in skirts and dresses all the time, not just in the evenings and at weekends. This is at his instigation. He complained that wearing a panty girdle and hold-ups under fitted trousers was hot and uncomfortable, and would I allow him to wear a skirt to work on hot days? I was so delighted with him that, not only have I let him buy some lovely skirts and dresses to wear, but I have also let him grow his hair. You may remember that I made him keep his hair short so that it was clear that he was really a man, and how embarrassed he felt about this. His hair is now shoulder length with a fringe. It is dyed strawberry blonde which really suits him, and he usually has it tied back with a chiffon scarf.

He now looks and acts completely like a woman and even his voice, despite being lower in pitch than that of most women, is soft and gentle and sounds quite feminine. Once I was quite satisfied that he wouldn't embarrass me with some inappropriate example of male behaviour, I took him back to Lincoln to visit both our families. It was all a bit strained at first but I explained why I had done it and Doreen told everybody that he deserved to have been punished, and he was happier now than he had ever been and now both families seem to accept the situation. I knew that there wouldn't be any problems when my mother-in-law warned her husband to mind his p's and q's or he would find himself in a dress and underwear as well.

Now that Doreen is in skirts all the time he is able to wear the lovely silk panties that I bought for him right at the beginning. I have also treated him to some suspender belts and stockings, so that he no longer wears the hold-up stockings that I made him wear to begin with. Susan still checks his panties each morning when he goes to work. We do giggle about him having to lift up his skirt and petticoat for her, and show off his lovely panties every day. One day Susan phoned me to tell me that Doreen wasn't wearing any panties. I know it's not very lady-like, but it was a very hot day and I wasn't wearing knickers myself, but I explained to Doreen when he came home that is wasn't up to him whether he wore panties or not, and Susan didn't wish to see him naked. I punished him by making him wear ten pairs of panties to work the next day. He couldn't get his skirt on over them and had to wear one of mine. He looked very uncomfortable and I don't think he will go to work without his panties again.

We went to the Cheltenham Jazz Festival earlier this year. We had a lovely time at the concerts and stayed in a fantastic, friendly hotel. While we were there we discovered a wonderful lingerie shop. I can't remember its name but it's on the High Street on the same side of the road as Tescos. It was the display of corselets in the window that caught my eye, and I had a sudden urge to buy one for Doreen. Just as I was asking for one for Doreen I saw the look of horror on his face and changed from saying "a corselet for my husband" to "a corselet for me". I chose an open corselet rather that a panty one because I didn't know that they fastened between the legs and I had visions of having to strip completely in order to have a pee.

I was absolutely amazed when I tried it on. It really flattened my stomach and got rid of the bulges around my waist. Instead of wearing loose clothes I could now wear tight-fitting dresses to show of my shape. I feel really sexy whenever I wear it. I wore it for the first time that very evening, having to borrow stockings from Doreen and getting his help in doing up the suspenders - I had never worn stockings before in my life. I had decided to wear my knickers over the corselet, as Doreen does over his suspender belt, so that it would be easier to go to the toilet, but they didn't sit right at all and I went without knickers. I have since discovered that knickers with a corselet are not practical as it is an absolute nightmare having to undo the suspenders and roll up the bottom of the corselet to pull your knickers down and then roll the corselet back down and refasten your stockings when you are finished.

Anyway, back to the shop. I bought myself a couple of bra and brief sets and Doreen two sets of matching panties and slips, when I noticed a wall display of white cotton French knickers edged with broderie anglaise lace, which I thought would look really sweet with the petticoats that he wears under his maid's dress at weekends. The lady had six pairs left in a size 12 so I bought them all.

I was just about to pay for everything when I saw some silky looking garments in a tray under the glass counter-top. I asked the lady to show them to me. She said that she thought that the two of us were a little young for them but brought them out when I insisted. They were long-legged bloomers in heavy artificial silk, with strong elastic around the leg and waist. (Yes, I know that they are called directoire knickers now, but I had never seen underwear like this except on repeats of "Are You Being Served?".) They looked so funny that I just had to buy some; two pairs of pink ones for both Doreen and myself. Doreen doesn't like wearing them as his skirts are much shorter than mine with the hem hanging about half an inch below his knickers, so that even a long stride will reveal them and sitting down without showing a yard of knicker-leg is just about impossible for him!

Curtesy of PDQ's Online Store

Personally, I think that they are Granny's best kept secret. Why did we stop wearing them? I know that they don't look very glamorous, but the tight elastic gripping one's legs just above the knee, and the way the fabric slides over one's legs, bottom and tummy when you move is really sensual.

My experiences with Doreen and the contents of your website have made me much more broad-minded and I love to surf the web for tastefully sexy items of interest. A few weeks ago I came upon a copy of an old article where a lady describes a pair of pink latex directoire knickers that her lover had given her. I imagine that one would perspire very heavily in such a garment, and I would dearly love to buy a similar pair for Doreen to wear as a punishment. Unfortunately, I can't find any anywhere on the web. Can any of your readers help?

Another thing that I am looking for is a proper corset. Doreen and I were given a copy of the movie "The Millionairess" starring Sophia Loren and Peter Sellars. There is a scene in the film where Sophia Loren is being given a medical examination by Peter Sellars, and emerges from behind the changing curtain clad in the most gorgeous corset, which covers her from bust to hips. There is nothing silly or frilly about the garment; it looks like a no-nonsense article designed to do a job. I have spoken to a couple of corsetieres who would be happy to fit me for such a corset, but they both grew distinctly frosty when I said that I wanted one for my husband as well. I have seen corsets advertised on websites but I would prefer to have a proper fitting if possible rather than send Doreen's and my measurements. Again, can anybody help?

Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren in her corset

Finally, I am looking for some help with breasts. I have had large, full boobs since I was about 13 years old, and I am quite proud of them. I love to wear low-cut tops to show off my cleavage to maximum advantage. Doreen would like to be able to wear similar tops and I think that he would look really sweet but, as his bust is artificial, this isn't possible. I know that he could take hormones but the side effects are unacceptable as our love life is very important to me (and to Doreen). I have seen products advertised on the web but they are very expensive and, when I dig around, there are lots of people who say they don't work. Can anybody offer any experience or advice?

I hope that I'm not taking a liberty Susan but, if anybody can help with my questions, could they email you, and you pass the details on to me?
Yours sincerely,

Gillian D.

P.S. I notice from the website that many of you keep your loved ones in panty girdles all the time. Since Doreen stopped wearing a panty girdle his "output" during lovemaking has become much more copious. This has especially delighted me, as I am trying to get pregnant. Unless you are actively trying to suppress the little darling's activities, you may wish to bear this in mind.

Obviously Doreen thoroughly enjoys your petticoat control of him, and is much better for it. I almost think that some young wives these days could do with a bit of 'petticoat discipline' themselves, in order to understand women's undies better. Clearly you are only now discovering the special 'feel' of corselets, suspender belts, and bloomers. But if you have no experience of them yourself, you cannot hope to understand which garments will be the most effective in restraining and disciplining your husband. So I do hope that you get a well-fitted corset very soon.

If any readers can help Gillian find the articles she is looking for, especially a good corsetiere in England, can they please write to me?

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