from Wendy

Dear Helga,

When I last emailed you about my friend Michele and her husband Brian on a weight loss program that she put him in a girdle. I promised to keep you posted and it's going quite well. Brian has reached the weight he was on their wedding day.

Michele asked for my advice constantly and took my suggestions to heart. Before long she had Brian hand washing his girdles and her panties which came quite natural without any push back. When I subtly suggested that as long as he had been in girdles she should get rid of his old underwear and reward him with some soft sexy women's panties for him to start wearing. Well I knew exactly what her next question was going to be, and she said did you put Tom ( Tammy ) in panties? Well I wasn't going to lie and I said yes Tom (Tammy ) has been in panties now for about 3 years and loves them. She said what did you do to get him in panties the first time, and I said that was as easy as pie. A horny man in the bedroom with a sly woman doesn't have a chance, play a game, tell him how sexy he looks, and make him promise to wear them all night after you give him some great sex. Once he wears them for you once, you got him. The next morning he can have his choice, go back in his girdle or wear some soft sexy panties, from that day on you will have a panty boy and make sure he has his own pantie drawer to keep his panties in, which she did.

Michele absolutely loved having Brian in panties and actually made him go with her to pick out his own, something I do not do, Tammy orders hers on line. She taught him his size and enjoys commenting on the panties he picks out and likes the control it gives her. I told Michele if she really enjoys the control the panties give her the next time she goes pantie shopping, she should visit Katie at the VS store and get Brian measured for his first bra and pantie set. She said you can't be serious, to which I said of course I am, there's nothing that will be sexier than the power it gives you having sex with Brian in a bra and pantie set. I could see the intrigue on her face at the thought.

Michele and Brian did visit Katie at the VS store and she said how comfortable and natural Katie made Brian feel being measured for his first bra, and when they got home Brian was well rewarded in the bedroom with his first bra on, in fact Michele convinced him to sleep in the bra with the promise of a fun morning.

I have not said anything to Michele about Tammy being my sissy, but I have never not answered any of her questions about Tammy wearing a bra and panties As for our relationship things couldn't be better, Tammy serves me and is a wonderful sissy. She works from home due to COVID and when she does go the office for and occasional meeting she hates wearing slacks. I laugh when she gets home and the first thing she does put on a skirt and pumps to get comfortable.

I will keep you posted about Michele and Brian, I'm going to mention to Michele that Brian would look very sexy in his first nightie if she doesn't already have him in one.

Be Well


Thank you for your letter Wendy. I am so pleased to learn that Michele was open to your advice and now is reaping the benefit of a complacent husband. Simply amazing what a simple garment we take for granted effects the male mind so profoundly, of course when that is coupled with great sex, so many possibilities.


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