from Valerie

Dear Helga,

Part 1:

It was an incredibly fun and exciting experience (at least for me and the ladies). Marcus is my son's name, (he is 21), and been at home since this quarantine, social distancing has been in place. He lives where he goes to school and since classes were moved to online, he decided to come home for some easy living...

I have been divorced for a few years now and when my ex-husband split up, we also split the 2 kids we had. My daughter, Natalie, (age 18) chose to stay with her father and I took Marcus, who was 18 at the time. He was not living with me long before he went off to college. He was very well behaved when he was younger and never really got into trouble, just the usual small stuff that did not need to raise alarms. My daughter was/is taken well care of by her father, she was 15 when we split up. Anyway, since he has been back home, I have noticed that his attitude has changed- he is much more argumentative, boisterous, and plan rude to me, friends, and neighbors in the area. I am sure this change of behavior came from his college days, constant partying and acting a fool will do that. I guess he was trying to bring that same mindset back home, thinking I would not mind. Pff...

I was usually the strict parent; my husband was more lenient. My kids did not get into major trouble when they were younger but when they did, I would make sure to ground them and give them extra chores. My husband did not care what I did, he played the good guy but always ended agreeing with me, which was good.

My son, Marcus came home at the end of March and to date, he has not helped me clean up the house, volunteer making dinner, doing extra chores around the house, help when furniture needs to be moved, etc etc. I basically still do all the housework and still providing for him, which was unexpected when the virus restrictions came about. I did not mind at first but when I noticed his laziness and the attitude that went with it, I was really getting upset. I'm not a spiteful person but I do believe in equality and fairness and since he was home and old enough to contribute I believed the least he could do was help me manage the house and contribute.

I would say the event that was the last straw for me was when I was trying to cook dinner and without going into details it was a complicated dish and I had asked Marcus earlier to wash a very specific plate that I wanted to present it on once completed and I looked for it and it was still in the dishwasher, unwashed. Well, that really lit a fume and I finally decided to get on to him for it. When I asked him why he did not do the simple tasks he simply said it was because he was busy with his schoolwork and other things. I felt it was the least he could do, and I was disappointed and angry all the same time. I had done some searching online about how to deal with older sons and came across many "professionals" opinions on domestic and childhood behavior and how to get peace in a household. It is all the material I have read before and since I knew it would not work. He needed something different that would get to him hard. I was doing more deep searching and came across a link that I believed was titled - "petticoat punishment". I almost immediately clicked and started reading several definitions of what it was. I was appalled and shocked, I had never ever heard of such thing. I went to more links on it and eventually googled the term and it popped up many websites on the subject, and one was PDQ. I was on it reading account after account of how this form of punishment really takes place and even today. It is extremely exciting and interesting for me and long story short I was wondering how my son would look in girls' clothes... and I immediately smiled at the though.

I feel like I have been ranting for a while and will cut to the chase. After a few weeks of research and ideas I finally joined the PDQ forum and had the privilege of meeting and chatting with several members who helped influenced me to proceed with this. Deep down I knew I wouldn't be able to get him in the full ensemble of petticoats and girly clothes, (first off I didn't have anything like that and my daughter Natalie was older and didn't have it, and I for sure wasn't going to order any cause they were quite pricy, (**I did search for them**).

I got to thinking that maybe a nice pretty pair of women's underwear/panties would have him squirming around at the sight. Maybe a colorful pair with lace and frills? Of course, me being a woman in her 40s does not own any frilly pairs like that anymore, let alone have any that would fit him. Then I was thinking my daughter, his sister Natalie may have some. She leaves clothes at my house for when she visits so I went to her room and basically rioted through her underwear drawer. I found about 8 pairs (she does not stay with me for long periods of time).

The pairs I ended up laying out across her bed were all cotton bikini style, seamless cheeky ladies' panties (extremely cute!) They all varied in colors and styles...
  • 1. All red with black lace on the kegs and waist
  • 2. All white with tan lace on the legs and waist
  • 3. Cheetah print with black laces
  • 4. All blue with tan laces
  • 5. All baby blue with baby blue lace
  • 6. Solid black with tan lace
  • 7. Pink with red birdies and white lace on the waist and hips
  • 8. Violet with black laces
So many to choose from and I knew I only had one pair to pick!! I now how to decide how I would get him in this predicament... he was sharp, aware, and mature for any funny trickery.

Once of my new contacts from PDQ had the idea of maybe trapping him when he showered. I have keys to every room in my house, even if locked. The idea was to sneak in the restroom while he showered behind his dark black shower curtain and take all the towels, his boxers, and his shorts he had laid out on the sink top for when he dried himself off. I would then leave one of panties on the rail and speak to him from outside the door that he had to put them on and come out to get his clothes and towel. It was a fabulous idea and I digged it!

Another contact from PDQ suggested I have other women/Lady friends over when this goes down... not a bad idea but I listened more as she explained to me how more embarrassing it would be for Marcus to be exposed in girls underwear in front of other FEMALES! What a hilarious and fun idea!!"

Stay tuned!

Part 2:

Where I left off was how I was scheming to get my son Marcus, 21, into pair of women's underwear that also belonged to his younger sister, Natalie, 18. I also wanted to see if I could get him to try on some female crew socks with baby blue trimming, they were cute. After many ideas I decided to land on one and I must say it was the best solution. As I mentioned earlier, I have keys to all the rooms and doors in my house, even the restrooms and all the bedrooms. The idea was to wait until Marcus jumps in the shower, he would bring some clothes to change in once he finished, probably just some shorts and boxers. Once I knew he was in the middle of showering I was going to quietly unlock the door, tip toe in there and take all the towels, and his clothes! I would not leave him totally nude though, I would leave him an unbelievably cute, tight fitting pair of baby blue women's panties to put on! And I would not forget about the matching color crew socks too! The idea certainly was lovely and if I was stealthy enough it would work to perfection!

Now the last idea that came to with some help from another member at PDQ was to highly consider inviting some other women over for this, friends, neighbors, or whoever I really could. At first, I did not want this for a few reasons; I did not want others to know what I was doing for fear of ridicule or shame and possibly having word leak out what I did. Also, I did not want this to affect Marcus permanently. I said no complete strangers right away but after some convincing from the same PDQ friend they were able to make more sense to have me invite Natalie, my daughter. "Of course!" I thought, she will not let this get out publicly and will be hush hush about it. Especially since it was her very own underwear and socks that were involved!

I would have to call her a few days in advance to make sure she was free and could come over. Once I told her about the idea she was quiet and didn't say much at first, but then as I was describing to her how her brother would look in her panties and socks she let out a few giggles over phone! She was in! and made sure to tell me before we hung up that he could keep her undergarments and she no longer wanted them! How funny!

I was cleaning my living room later that day and noticed my neighbor from across the street was out doing yard work. She was single and lived alone and I know Marcus used to like her (still may!) and got to thinking I wonder how she would feel about this whole thing? We were friends and chatted frequently. Her name is Jenny, she is 28, very fit and exercised a lot. I just know Marcus peeked out his window when she jogged in front of our house from time to time! I wonder what she would think seeing him in women's underwear running around the house! The more I got to thinking the more I was getting the idea of inviting other ladies over, this was going to be super fun and it was best to enjoy it with others!

"Girls just wanna have fun!!" Right?

I got the courage to go outside, walk across the street, and ask her. Unlike Natalie's first hesitation, Jenny had none! You could probably hear her laugh 3 houses away from any direction! She loved the idea and starting asking me tons of questions, she wasn't worried about keeping it quiet either, she was talking with her regular voice outside using words like "panties" "cute socks" "nothing but panties" "what did he do to piss you off!" Things like that, she was totally down!

There was now going to be 3 of us total, this was enough, I think. Marcus would be totally furious knowing Natalie was present seeing him, but I really wondered how he would react seeing the lady neighbor he has a crush on seeing him. And judging by her first reaction she was going to be a complete riot!!

Part 3 - FINAL

My plan was mostly set. I was going to wait for Natalie to drive here and for Jenny to get off work and come over. I also needed to wait for Marcus to take a shower and who knew how long that would be. I knew he took it at night, so I was not worried about him taking a day shower when no one was over and potentially ruining the whole plan.

It was around 7:30ish when I received a call from Natalie telling me "they" were almost at the house. I was little surprised and quickly asked her who "they" were, and I was not aware of her bringing a friend(s) over. She told me it was her friend Tasha from school, she was 19 (a year older than Natalie) and they had a lot of classes together. Well, by this point I was not too sure how I felt about someone I didn't know over for this event and I was getting ready to tell my daughter not to come over but before I could say it Natalie interrupted me and said she already told Tasha everything! The whole plan I had dialed out. Well... I thought, she might as well come over then, right? Sorry, son!

It was closer to 8pm now and I was in the front room with TV on low while listening for Marcus get in the shower and listening for the car to pull up in the driveway. I had texted Jenny earlier to just walk over when she saw Natalie's car parked. Both happened almost on top of each other as I heard the restroom door close, I knew Marcus had just went in and I heard 2 car doors close from outside. While I walked to the door, I yelled down the hallway telling Marcus his sister just got here. Marcus being Marcus probably just thought she was visiting, and he really could care less. All he said in return was a sarcastically "great.".

It had been a few weeks since I saw Natalie and we embraced with a hug and kiss, then I was introduced to her friend Tasha. She was very pretty was already semi-giggling being there. I offered them a drink or something to snack on and we had a seat on the couch. I was waiting for Jenny to get there now. While we waited the three of us chatted and I told both girls more of the plan and made sure they both did not mind and if they had any questions they could ask. As we chatted, I heard the knock on the door and It was Jenny, now we were all here. I had to immediately get started in case the shower finished early...

All of us started to laugh and whisper to one another that we could not believe we were doing this. Honestly, I could not either! I went to the back room and came back with the underwear and socks I chose, and Natalie started to blush a little when I held them up for Jenny and Tasha to see. She was fine though after a while and started to join in on the snickering when Jenny and Tasha both said they didn't even have any underwear that shade of blue, (the baby sky blue undies were very bright and almost looked white and with the lace around the leg holes and waist made them extra pretty!).

I stared giving some instructions to the girls. Since there was 4 of us and the restroom was in the middle of hallway, I wanted to block the end of each way. I was going to lock his bedroom as well. With Jenny and I at one end and Natalie and Tasha at the other poor Marcus would be stuck in the middle of the hall with literally nowhere to go, until we moved and let him pass us (which I don't think would happen very quickly). I also had made a sign to stick up on his door reading "Sorry! This door is locked :) ". Natalie taped it on his door as I locked it.

I then got my camera and was going to let Jenny do the honors of taking photos when he walked outside wearing his girly underwear and socks. She was honored to take on the role. Finally, came the trickiest part. I got the unmentionables and walked up to the restroom door to listen; he was still showering so I know now was my chance. I told the ladies to be quiet and silent their phones as I very quietly unlocked the door and stepped inside. I was tiptoeing the entire time and first left the panties/socks on the sink counter, then I grabbed all the towels and tossed them out in the hall and the girls scooped them up and threw them in the living room, then I got his shorts and boxers and tiptoed back out of the restroom and slowly closed it. I took those clothing items to my bedroom and locked the door. Now he had access to no male clothes in the house. Mission (Almost) successful!!!

We were all on pins and needles waiting for the shower water to turn off and after about 10 minutes it finally did. The ladies all got in the spots where I instructed them too and I waited right outside the restroom door and waited for a few obscenities and yells from him. It didn't take long until I did and that let me know he had opened the shower curtain and saw everything was gone! He was quiet for a moment, probably confused, then I knocked on the door and awaited his reply.


Thank you for your letter Valerie. I am delighted to learn that you discovered our site and joined our forum with so many great members with experience and willing to share and offer ideas. This letter describes your thought processes which is always helpful to others considering this option, no doubt they too would be weighing their choices.

In the final segment Readers will enjoy the experiences of the gathered women as well as learn about the effectiveness of this application of petticoat punishment.


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