Susie's Pretty Baby
by Nikki

Auntie Helga asked me to write something about my life with my lovely Mummy. I decided to write it in the form of a story. You may well believe it to be a work of fiction, if you do I would consider that a compliment because I view the years that Susie and I had together as a fairy tale marriage, she was my Princess. I dedicate the following to her...

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin!

Once upon a time there was a little man called Nicky, who had a fascination about what it would be like to wear nappies and be treated like a toddler. All through his teen years he experimented with wearing various improvised baby wear, but always thought he was isolated and alone in his yearnings, as well as in fear of ever being found out.

Eventually, as the years rolled past, he made certain delightful discoveries that helped him to realise that he was not alone, that there were indeed other men and even some ladies who liked to wear infantile clothing and play at being babies. However, little Nicky still lived in fear of being discovered.

One day Nicky found a lovely girl with whom he fell deeply in love, her name was Susan and she became Nicky's wife. They were ever so happy together. But Nicky still had his urge to be a nappy-wearing toddler, he had by then some proper big baby wear which he used to keep very well hidden, constantly in fear of being discovered and thereby causing his Susie hurt, believing that she would never be able to understand.

Oh! But how he used to wish he could tell his lovely wife, and truth to tell he often wondered what Susie would look like dressed up as a little toddler girl, he always considered her as being cute as it was. Wouldn't it be great if she could develop the same curiosity he had in his teens? Never mind, he still had his secret times.

Then it happened! Although at the time Nicky didn't realise it was happening...a golden opportunity.

Since their marriage Nicky and Susie had been working hard to build their own business, at the end of the fifth year it was declared to be very successful. It was decided to celebrate by hiring a hall and giving a huge party for all their family, friends, and their few employees.

At the end of a very long evening the happy couple took a ride home in a taxi, and both had imbibed to a very large extent. Throughout the journey Susie was very fidgety and confided that she ought to have visited the ladies' room before they had left. As the cab pulled up in front of their home Susie breathed a sigh of relief and walked as quickly as she dared to the front door. "Oh no!" she exclaimed as Nicky was paying the driver, he wondered what the matter was, then heard Susie hiss, "Hurry up I've left my key inside, please hurry".

"What's wrong Susie?" as he found his key, she just tilted her head to one side and grimaced at him. "Oh yes", he thought, then dropped the key, as he fumbled around in the dark and Susie told him to get a move on. At last he found the key and quickly opened the door, which he held open for his wife. Susie took one step forward then froze on the spot staring wide eyed at her husband, he was about to ask if she were alright when Susie started to giggle saying "Oops, too late".

When eventually they went to bed Susie apologised about the accident adding, "It made me feel just like a naughty little girl".

Nicky laughed at that, replying, "Yes, and we all know what happens to naughty little girls that wet their panties don't we?"

"What would that be then?" Susie got into bed.

Suddenly, despite the drink, or even because of it, the germ of an idea entered Nicky's mind. "Well! My sisters used to get their bottoms smacked for wetting themselves when they were older, so seeing you're feeling like a naughty little girl, perhaps that's what you ought to have done to you!"

"You wouldn't dare!"

Nicky nodded at his wife, "Yes I would, and I'd put you in a nappy too".

Susie frowned at her husband before grinning at him as she put her thumb inside her mouth saying "I'se ever so sowwy daddy, pleath don't smack my botty too hard, will you?"

Nicky couldn't believe his ears, had his beloved wife really gone from daring him to inviting him? Wasting no time he sat on the edge of the bed and pointed to his lap. To his utter amazement Susie got out of bed and demurely laid herself across his lap. Bewildered by his wife's compliance, Nicky flipped up her nighty and began to spank her delightful bottom. Very soon they were making love, and Susie asked, "Are you going to put me in a nappy, Dadda?" He lost courage and replied no, but he would if she ever wet her panties again. At that point Susie reached the height of her pleasure.

Two days was all it took..! This time Susie got spanked again, seemingly to her joy, and with the help of his secret supply she also ended up in a nappy and plastic baby pants. It was only a little while after that he wondered how he would explain being able to find such items should Susie ask him. Anyway, for some reason she didn't question the situation, and so ensued a period of having to care for the needs of his cute little Susie.

Whilst all this was going on, they were having their home converted, being fortunate enough to have purchased the detached property next door which was a mirror reflection of their own, i.e. their entrance was to the left whilst the adjoining property was to the right. The plans were to join the two together thus creating one huge house, including a large basement, then they could give up the office premises that they rented and work almost entirely from home. The plan was to have office space and workshop space in the basement, but there would be room for something else besides. They decided to have a 'playroom', or more precisely a real adult version of a nursery.

It was as the house neared completion that Nicky introduced the idea, having never lost the desire, that out of 'pure curiosity' he wondered what it was like to wear and use babies' nappies and rubbers. Susie suggested that he try them.

"Well, I don't know really", he replied, although secretly thrilled that he might enjoy his own personal fantasy of being babied by his lovely wife. She just explained that one more big baby in the household wasn't going to make much difference. So 'reluctantly' he agreed to let Susie get him into a nappy. Nicky feigned a great lack of interest on the evening that Susie had him on the floor and, it has to be said, expertly had him all done up in nappies. Inside himself was an exquisite delight to finally be treated as the toddler he'd always craved to be, and his lovely Susie was such an amazingly accomplished mummy.

Over the next few months Nicky had the joy, but never truly let on, of experiencing many evenings and nights as Mummy's little boy. Then came the day when they could finally create the nursery. This was work that was carried out as the building team put the finishing touches to the house. Baby-girl pink, obviously as it was Susie's nursery, was the colour scheme and because Nicky had received an apprenticeship as a coach builder he was able to construct all the furniture for the nursery: cot, highchair, changing table, and playpen. When completed the little girls' nursery looked fantastic, with the mobiles hanging from the ceiling, the nursery characters adorning the walls, and the pretty curtains at the high windows, totally authentic but just so huge!

The couple decided that they would wait for the weekend before putting the completed nursery to its intended use. Come Friday evening Nicky commanded his beloved Susie to go to her nursery. A few minutes later he arrived delighted to see that there were a nappy, frilly baby pants, baby talc and creams all laid out on the changing table. Hanging up outside the wardrobe was a delightful short baby frock made from pink gingham, something Susie had made during the week as a special surprise for the occasion.

"Ok, Susie up on the table with you". Nicky felt good about this.

"Oh no, young Nicky! It's your turn". Nicky's mind went into turmoil, he'd so looked forward to this time, to have his little darling all dressed up and installed in her nursery, but now the idea of getting the first use of the nursery was very appealing. Unbeknown that that, to some extent, was about to change!

Believing that he could hide his own enthusiasm, Nicky said, "Oh I don't know sweetie, I was looking forward to babying you tonight, and besides it is your nursery - it's been decorated with you in mind hasn't it?" He waved his arms about as if to emphasise the colour scheme.

Susie stood one hand on her hip and with a finger of her other hand to her lips as if in thought. "That may have been in your mind Nick--ee, but not mine". What did she mean, and why did Susie emphasise the 'ee' at the end of his name? "From now on there are going to be a few changes around here". Susie had a resolute look about her, the sort of look that usually only appeared when she was determined to get her own way during a business deal, and she always got her own way at those times. "First off, just look at that new dress, who do you think it was made to fit?"

Nicky looked and with a sickening feeling realised that indeed it would be much too big for his beloved wife. "Do you mean you want to dress me as a baby girl?" Wasn't that an understatement? Wearing nappies as he'd always wanted, and being his wife's little man was one thing, but to be dressed as a little girl was quite another. "No way Susan", he stated.

"Every-way Nick-ee!" With that she grabbed him by the ear led him to the table, and before he realised Susie had pulled down his trousers and pants saying, "Now it's pay-back time for all the spankings you've given me!" Sure enough before the last word had even passed her lips his bottom received a resounding smack, then another and another. The spanking didn't cease until he was genuinely crying out with tears rolling down his cheeks. Susie cuddled him and soothed his burning bottom whilst kissing him all over his face. "There, there sweetie, Mummy's going to take good care of her little baby, but you needed that to show you that Mummy means what she says. Now let's get you on the changing table and I'll take good care of all your little needs".

Susie undressed her husband and once nude she gathered up some baby wipes and set about thoroughly cleaning him. "Tomorrow we do something about this", tugging the hair on his chest then his pubes, "but for tonight it's fine".

Next she massaged in large amounts of zinc and castor oil cream all over the nappy area. "Don't want little Nick(i) getting nappy rash do we sweetie?" Nick(i) went to answer, and his mummy inserted a dummy as soon as he opened his mouth. Next came the soft fluffy nappy, and as it was pinned on nice and tight Nikki was in seventh heaven, it made him feel all snugly and comfy. Then the plastic-lined frilly baby pants. That was something he wasn't too happy about, but with Susan in her present frame of mind he decided not to object. Besides it would be bad enough to be seen dressed as a baby, so what difference did it make what sex his 'mummy' chose now? He was, at least, getting the full treatment that he'd always wanted.

Finally Susan had him sit up so that the pink gingham dress could be slipped over his head and shoulders. she fastened it at the back, and then combed his relatively long hair and inserted a couple of pink bow hair-slides. On Nikki's feet were fitted a very large pair of frilly ankle socks, of the type he'd often put Susie into, and a pair of very childish slippers. Once satisfied with her handy work Nikki was led to the mirror. The sight that met his eyes astounded him. He looked every inch a little toddler girl in her short frock, and nappy-bloomered frilly pants, and strangely enough the realisation excited him.

Susan grabbed him, hugging him to her, and she actually had a tear in her eye. Kissing him softly she said, "I've a confession to make. For years I knew all about your little predilection, I knew about your secret stash of baby clothes but I didn't know how to say anything lest you got upset and be angry with me". She stroked his head soothingly and kissed him passionately on the lips before continuing. "Then fate took its turn, and now here we are. From now on I'm going to give you want you always wanted, but with quite a lot in it for me too".

The rest of that evening was spent playing with dolls and being thoroughly pampered by Mummy. At bed time Nikki was given a bath then put into two nappies for beddy-byes, and an all-in-one bunny sleeper.

From the very next day ensued a nappy regime beyond anything Nikki had ever dreamt of.

Sometimes whilst working, if Nikki got a little difficult Mummy would pop a dummy straight into his mouth. Or if he really got out of hand then it would be straight into a nappy and baby dress (the nursery adjoined the offices). Many times Nikki would be speaking on the telephone to some very important clients whilst sitting in a particularly babyish dress and nappies, and a sore bottom from the spanking he'd just received.

For years and years the nappy regime continued to mutual satisfaction. But sadly this is a fairy story without a happy ending so far, because little Nikki was orphaned a few years ago, and even now is looking for someone to give him/her the baby life and discipline he needs.


Well dear readers, I hope you enjoyed my story, it is a true account although I am recalling my memories from more years ago than I care to admit to.

AB Nicky

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