Baby Sophie's First Christmas
A husband and wife find fulfillment in enforced babyhood
by Saffy
Illustrations by Nanny Nappies
Part 1 - A New Beginning

Baby Sophie lay back in her cot. It was morning on Christmas Day. The hands on the brightly painted nursery clock stood at 6am, and the first hint of dawn lightened the frosty sky. The soft warm glow of the night-light cast soft shadows through the bars of the cot and across the decorated quilt beneath which she contentedly lay. Still partially asleep, her eyes gradually focused on the brightly coloured mobile above her head that slowly twisted and turned in the languid air currents of the nursery. Sophie quietly sucked on the rubber teat of the pink dummy that had been placed in her mouth by her 'mummy' a few hours earlier - the plastic disc of the dummy moving rhythmically to her sucking. Her thoughts travelled back to the events of the last few weeks, and she thought how lucky she was to have such an understanding wife...

It now all seemed so strange that she could hardly believe the reality of her situation. She glanced around the room through the bars of the cot to make sure she was not dreaming. The sight would have gladdened the heart of any baby girl. The walls were decorated in soft pastel shades, and a frieze ran around wall depicting teddy bears and dollies. Soft toys and nursery accessories such as her bottle warmer, together with some bibs and baby cleaning wipes, were placed within easy reach of a changing mat. Over in one corner were stacked a pile of disposable nappies, while a set of drawers contained his supply of plastic pants, bootees, tights, a number of bonnets, and several pairs of nylon-covered frilled baby pants for 'special' occasions. A painted wardrobe with nursery motifs on the door panels contained a further selection of romper suits, and several of the prettiest frilliest baby dresses.

For as long as he could remember, Michael, alias 'Baby Sophie', had always felt strangely excited by the trappings of babyhood. Although, for medical reasons, they were unable have children of their own, Michael, and his wife Rachel had come to terms with their childlessness. They were both university-educated 'professionals' with good salaries, and so could be considered fortunate in purely material terms. Sometimes however, when Rachel's sister Angela visited with her infant daughter, Michael could not help noticing a far away look in Rachel's eyes. For as long as he could remember, he had always felt excited and intensely embarrassed whenever a neighbour or family friend visited with a young baby. The sight of a baby being fed or changed by an attractive female led him to fantasize what it must be like to be treated in the same way. If only he could change places with the infant - even just once!

At first, Michael felt deeply ashamed about the way he felt. Although these feelings came without bidding, they simply remained dormant until the next time Angela paid a visit. The sight of the attractive mother unbuttoning her blouse and exposing her nursing bra, her breasts heavy with milk as she offered the nipple to the hungry mouth of the infant, was almost more than he could bear.

On one notable occasion a few months previously, the two sisters had retired to the patio to sit and chat in the garden with the baby. While Michael was passing through the lounge he happened to glance down at the child's pram, which had been left in the hallway. With mounting excitement he noticed that the child's dummy teat had been left in the pram. Quickly glancing around to see if he was unobserved, he quickly reached into the pram and picked up the dummy, which was attached by a short length of ribbon to a plastic clip.

Almost in slow motion he raised it to his mouth, and with his eyes partially closed in ecstasy, he pushed the rubber teat between his lips while imagining it was actually Angela's nipple that he was sucking. All too soon, his flight of fancy was cut short by the sound of approaching female voices. He snatched the teat from his mouth and replaced the dummy in the pram. With barely seconds to spare, he had gained the staircase before Angela entered the hall to retrieve the mislaid item. Breathing a sigh of relief at his narrow escape, he pondered how Angela would have reacted to the sight of her brother in law sucking on her daughter's dummy!

Baby Sophie wriggled under her coverlet, feeling the tug of the baby harness that held her in the cot. She inadvertently yawned and the dummy slipped from her mouth, where it rolled partially beneath her and just out of reach, even when she stretched her head as far as she was able. The baby harness was designed to restrict such movement, Rachel having carefully checked the buckles and straps. In addition she had fitted soft woollen mittens to Sophie's hands, finally snapping handcuffs around each wrist and anchoring the free ends to convenient loops on the harness. Sophie's nappy felt quite wet, although she knew that the pair of nylon covered plastic pants that covered the disposable would easily contain the dampness until her mummy fitted a fresh one.

Following the usual routine, it would soon be time for Rachel to call into the nursery and switch on the bottle warmer containing Baby Sophie's feed. On returning from her shower, Rachel would then release Baby Sophie from the restraints and bottle-feed her infant husband. Finally she would remove the wet nappy and allow her husband to freshen up in the bathroom.

Sophie lay back on the cot mattress, the tension on the cot restraints relaxing where they were clipped to the cot rails. Although there was a baby alarm mounted on the wall near the cot, Sophie decided not to cry for her lost dummy, but wait for Mummy to attend to her. Rachel had said that today would be a very special day for her infant husband, and Sophie did not want to risk missing out on the special Christmas surprise that Rachel had promised her today. She wondered if the special treat was to be a proper Christmas lunch. The bland taste of baby food was not something she looked forward to - especially at Christmas!

Once more Baby Sophie's thoughts drifted back to that fateful day several months previously. Sometimes in one's life it seems fate takes a hand, and so it was in this case. A chance business meeting in London had necessitated an early start that particular day, as the meeting was scheduled for 9am. Michael had risen early, breakfasted, and kissed the cheek of his still sleepy wife, before rushing out of the house to meet the taxi booked the evening before.

Entering the station concourse, a quick glance at the indicator panel showed his train to be running ten minutes late. Having already obtained his ticket, he quickly decided that he had plenty of time to pop into the newsagent's. Looking for something to read on the journey, his eyes had quickly scanned the many titles in the 'computer' section. Finding nothing of particular interest he quickly glanced at the magazines on the top shelf - the 'naughty shelf', he smiled to himself. There was the usual selection of 'girly' magazines, some featuring examples of female mammary glands that owed more to computer enhancement than reality. At the end of the shelf were several copies of 'Forum' magazine - a rather more 'respectable' publication, he thought.

Michael had almost decided to give the whole idea a miss, when he suddenly realized that apart from the usual picture of a well-endowed female gracing the cover page; the featured articles were outlined in bold text - one of which was entitled 'Adult Babies - An Investigation'. His heart suddenly skipped a beat, and he looked again to make sure that it was not a product of wishful thinking. No, he was not mistaken. He looked furtively around the shop to see if he was being observed and then he reached up to the shelf. Trying to appear casual he took down the top copy. The young lady assistant at the till smiled as he passed over the magazine and proffered a £10 note. Trying to appear that he was a regular reader of such a magazine, but nevertheless feeling rather sheepish, he gave a weak smile in return and turned on his heel as she handed back the magazine in a paper bag. He had barely gone more than a few paces when he heard the young lady calling him back. He had been so flustered that he had forgotten to collect his change. By now, his face visibly colouring, he took the change and headed for the station concourse and the awaiting train.

The train was rather crowded, and after finding a vacant seat between an elderly man and a nun, there was no way that he was going to openly examine his purchase. During the journey he tried to concentrate on other things including perusing a discarded newspaper. However, his mind kept returning to the magazine, and the intriguing article it contained. Eventually, he could no longer stand the suspense, and he hurriedly made his way to the toilet at the rear of the carriage with the magazine tucked under his coat. One of the toilets was vacant, and he hurriedly stepped inside and threw the latch to 'Engaged'. Putting down the lid of the toilet he sat down and retrieved the magazine. With trembling figures he opened it and turned to the featured article.

The essay, which covered several pages, was an in-depth study of 'infantilism', a word that Michael had never come across before. To his amazement he read that his 'interest' was in fact surprisingly common, and that many people had the same feelings and desires as himself. In fact the article featured several pictures of 'adult babies' dressed in nappies, plastic pants and a variety of baby costumes. Some of them were sucking contently on dummies, while another featured a baby girl wearing what appeared to be a scaled up leather baby harness in pink leather, complete with a cute teddy bear motif on the front panel. The article also mentioned that many adult babies (or simply 'ABs'), enjoyed an element of restraint when indulging in their fantasies. When Michael peered closely at the picture, he noticed that the wrists of the girl were secured to the baby harness by means of strong leather straps. He could also make out further restraints in the form of strong snap clips attached to the D-rings on the side of the harness, in exactly the same way that a real infant was restrained in a cot or pram. Like some of the other featured infants, a dummy also filled this baby's mouth. A leather strap passed through the plastic ring and kept the infantile accessory firmly in place.

Michael's mouth felt dry as he looked at the pictures and read the text of the article. This was beyond his wildest dreams! There were even some suppliers of AB clothing and nursery equipment listed, as well as 'professional' nannies - females who would treat their 'clients' as small babies for a fee. He also learnt that there were different types of adult babies such as 'sissy babies' - males who preferred to be treated as females. The article also contained the addresses of several websites dedicated to the world of the Adult Baby. Suddenly Michael realized that the train was slowing down, the sound of the wheels passing over multiple sets of points signalled the end of his journey. He hurriedly returned the magazine to its hiding place and opened the cubicle door - hoping that no one had noticed that the toilet had been occupied for so long by one person. Returning to his seat, the train approached the outer limits of Paddington Station, and within five minutes drew into the platform.

All during that day, while trying to concentrate on his business meeting, his mind kept returning to the magazine and its glimpse of a world where adults could be treated as babies. Fortunately, the meeting finished on schedule, and with some time to spare he decided to walk through the park on the way back to the station. Finding an unoccupied seat in a quiet area of the park, he decided to sit for a while and read the article once again. Eventually he glanced through the section devoted to 'Readers' Letters', and was surprised to find two examples devoted to the subject of infantilism. One was entitled 'Nappy Discipline', and was purportedly written by the wife of an adult baby. It described in detail how she treated him like a real baby, even to the extent of making him sleep in baby's cot, in a nursery specially prepared for her infant husband. This letter in particular excited him greatly, and he read it over so many times that he could recall almost every detail until the chimes of a striking clock tower nearby reminded him that he had just a few minutes left to catch his train...

On the journey back, Michael thought about the day's events. He kept thinking about the magazine article and the AB letters. Although still ashamed of his desires, he felt a little better knowing that there were others who felt the same way. He knew that Rachel was attending her weekly yoga class that evening, so he was guaranteed at least two hours of uninterrupted web surfing on their home PC. He was eager to try out some of the web addresses that the magazine article had provided.

After his evening meal, he quickly cleared away and went up to the spare bedroom where his PC was located. He switched it on, and found himself growing increasingly impatient as the machine booted up, and he logged on to the internet. Finally all was ready, and with growing excitement he began to enter the web address of the first site. Scanning the displayed pages, he was astonished to find a large number of legitimate businesses offering a wide selection of scaled-up baby clothes, and equipment for the adult baby. Some of the baby dresses were quite beautiful, with many layers of lace and broderie anglais trimming. Michael just gulped at the selection. For some reason he felt so jealous looking at the 'infants' depicted - even though simple logic told him that they were simply professional models wearing the garments.

He soon found one site that offered several fully illustrated magazines devoted to infantilism, and then another with a whole series of short stories with titles such as 'Back to the Nursery', 'Petticoat Discipline for Peter' and 'Mummy's Revenge'. Following a link from one such page brought him to a site called 'Petticoat Discipline Monthly'. This site proved to be a wonderful discovery, with many letters devoted to the subject of infantilism and petticoat training of the male in particular. Before he realized how fast the time had flown, he heard Rachel's car pull into the drive. He hurriedly closed down the web page and selected the BBC homepage from the 'Favourites' list. As he heard Rachel ascend the stairs he pretended to be deeply absorbed in the program guide. He greeted her as she entered the bedroom, and they exchanged news of the day's events.

Still in her mid-30s, Rachel was an attractive woman. Of average height with auburn hair, her trim figure enhanced her firm breasts - a feature that Michael always found arousing. Announcing that she was going to have a shower and then retire to bed, Michael waited until he heard the shower start. He quickly returned to the 'Petticoat Discipline Monthly' website to read a few more of the letters, before he too decided to go to bed as well after what had been an extraordinary day...

Several weeks passed, and Michael continued to explore the Internet for more AB websites whenever he was able. He ordered a selection from some of the publications on offer and began to amass a small library of AB literature. He especially liked the stories that involved an element of enforced babyhood and humiliation. He also ordered some plastic pants and a pack of adult disposable nappies together with some bootees and a baby bonnet. Most days Michael arrived home before Rachel, enabling him to hide the evidence before she started to ask about the number of bulky packages that were starting to arrive.

Michael had thought long and hard about finding a safe location for his secret treasures. He even considered using a locked filing cabinet at work, but the thought of accidental discovery was too awful to contemplate. Finally, after considering various options, he decided that the garage was the best place. There was an old battered suitcase under a pile of newspapers beneath his workbench. It contained old business correspondence and should have been thrown away long ago. He retrieved the suitcase and found it to be dry inside, and quite suitable. The locks were broken, but they were fairly flimsy affairs anyway. He knew that Rachel rarely had reason to visit this part of the house except to visit the freezer, so he felt fairly confident that his hoard would be quite safe.

The months quickly passed, and when Rachel went to her Tuesday yoga class, Michael would enjoy his growing collection of AB literature and clothing. Eventually, he even plucked up enough courage to venture into the local chemist and buy himself some dummies and a feeding bottle.

That had been an adventure in itself. He had sauntered into the baby section of the local chain store chemist in what he hoped was a nonchalant fashion. Fearful that if he lingered too long an assistant would approach him and ask if he needed any help, he quickly chose two dummies 'for the older child' from those on display, and walked over to the 'baby feeding' section. Rather confused by the different types and styles of feeding bottles on display, he eventually settled on one that seemed to resemble the 'traditional' variety that he had always associated with babies. The carton bore the legend 'Cannon Babysafe', and the bottle seemed to be rather an old fashioned design when compared to some of the others in bright colours, weird shapes and teats made from silicon rubber. He added the items to his wire basket and made his way to the least obvious checkout to pay. As he waited his turn, he wandered what the young female assistant would say if she knew the items were for him.

Eventually Michael reached the till and placed his purchases on the counter to be scanned. The assistant glanced at him. "Not much call for these types of bottle", she said, almost to herself. "Are you sure you want this type?" she added. Feeling rather flustered, he replied that he was merely carrying out an errand. The assistant noticed the reaction, as if mentally asking herself how many times she had heard that response from a male. She scanned the items and placed them in a bag, then handed him the receipt and change. "Keep your receipt Sir, in case you need to change anything", she said. "Enjoy your purchases", she added as an afterthought with a wicked grin. He mumbled his thanks and headed for the nearest exit, feeling sure that the customers behind him must have overheard her comments, and were even now smiling at the remark. Although he felt intensely embarrassed by the incident, he felt strangely excited at the same time. What if the girl had invited him to 'try out' one of the dummies in front of everyone? The very thought made him cringe!

After that incident, Michael had avoided going into that particular chemist again in case the assistant recognized him. He very quickly put his purchases to good use however. Every Tuesday evening, he would lay out a disposable nappy on the bed in the spare room and fold it around himself. A pair of translucent plastic pants covered the nappy, and a short baby dress with a yoked top followed, as well as a bonnet and bootees. The dress was a scaled up version of that worn by girl babies when being 'shown off'. It was pink and very sissyish, with lots of pretty white lace and frills around the hem and sleeves. It was also short enough to show the bulk of his nappied bottom whenever he bent over.

He also purchased some 'Once Upon A Time' bedtime stories on tape, and lay on the bed sucking on a dummy while listening to them, often making baby-like gurgling sounds. Sometimes he filled his feeding bottle with warm milk, imagining it was Angela that was holding the bottle and feeding him, rather than having to hold it on his own. At other times he would simply dress as a baby while looking at the photos posted by other adult babies on the internet pages. Michael had even considered buying a web cam to chat with others online, but decided that it would only arouse suspicion from Rachel, who would want to know why he needed one.

Baby Sophie's reveries were interrupted by the sound of Rachel getting out of bed. He could hear her softly padding around their bedroom. In a few moments Rachel put her head around the nursery door and reached out to switch on the bottle warmer. She tiptoed over to the cot and smiled down at her baby husband. "And how is my lovely baby this Christmas morning?" she said. Sophie looked up and gurgled. "Oh, poor baby, have you lost your dum dum?" she said in a voice of mock concern. Leaning over the cot rails she soon found the missing dummy, which she pushed between Sophie's lips. "There, there, is that better? Be a good baby and quietly suck on that while Mummy has her shower".

Rachel's hand moved beneath the cot quilt, tickling Sophie's thighs as she inserted her fingers beneath her husband's plastic panties to check the nappy. Sophie wriggled as much has her restraints would allow. Rachel giggled, "Naughty Mummy", she said; "Baby will have to stay in a wet diddie for bit longer Now don't lose that dum dum again or I will have to tie it in", she added with a grin. She placed a kiss on his forehead and wiggled the plastic ring of the dummy playfully. Leaving her infant husband to wait patiently for his feed and nappy change, Rachel went to the bathroom. Baby Sophie shifted her position slightly, her wrists were getting a little stiff from the handcuffs and she was looking forward to being released from the baby harness. Once more she pondered on the events that had led to her new life.

Things had carried on very much as normal until the beginning of December, with Michael eagerly looking forward to every Tuesday evening. One weekend Rachel had decided to stay overnight with her sister, and when Michael had completed the promised household chores, he eagerly went to the garage to retrieve his hoard, intending to spend the rest of the day dressed as a baby girl. He noticed that Rachel had added some of her own 'Marie Claire' magazines to those already piled on top of the suitcase. He made a mental note to himself that he would soon have to find a new secure location if his collection of baby items continued to grow at the present alarming rate.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing wearing his baby clothes around the house, sucking on his dummy, making himself a bottle and generally acting the life of an infant. He especially liked bedtime when he could lie in bed quietly sucking on his 'dum dum' while watching the TV - luxuriating in that midway stage between sleep and wakefulness. He slowly drifted into sleep, and, when he awoke, he was rather pleased that the dummy teat was still in place, just like a real baby. Glancing at the bedside clock he decided to rise earlier than usual. He wanted to ensure that his baby gear was properly hidden away, just in case Rachel decided to return early.

In fact this proved to be the case. After breakfast, Michael had barely returned the suitcase to its hiding place when he heard the scrunch of car wheels on gravel. He walked into the kitchen and quickly busied himself with the washing up, calling out as he heard the front door open. Rachel came in, glanced quickly around, and gave him a hug and a kiss. They exchanged their news and Michael made coffee for them both, while Rachel went to unpack her overnight bag. He took the steaming mugs to the lounge as he heard his wife descend the stairs. She sat down beside him on the sofa and before he realised that she was concealing something in her hand, she reached over and pushed a baby's dummy teat between his lips. Shock overcame him and he spat the dummy out on to the carpet. Realising his subterfuge had been discovered tears began to roll down his crimson cheeks. Rachel giggled and said, "Would baby like her drinkees from a bottle?", in the tone of voice used by females when addressing helpless infants. "I, I'm terribly sorry Rachel", he sobbed, "I can't even start to explain this. What must you think of me..?" His voice trailed away as he started to sob loudly...

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