Dear Auntie Helga,

I started wetting my bed occasionally. After my Governess found me in the garden playing with my older sisters and peed in my shorts, she got really angry and decided to put me back in diapers and rubber pants. My older sister had so much fun about that, that the Governess adapted their sense of humor and used it for my humiliation in front of my sisters and my parents. First I had to wear my rubber pants (made of brown red Hospital rubber) in front of my sisters at home. They humiliated me and stopped calling me by my male name. Then step by step I had to wear pantyhose from my older sister, then I had to wear the Rubber Raincoat and the Rubber Raincape from them especially in public.

After a few months my older sisters and my Governess brought me to a Pharmacy to talk about my wetting problem. They asked for Plasticpants and diapers. I had to try them on and I remember the smell of plastic. Also she saw rubber dummies for older children and she bought a few. One was unpacked and immediately put in my mouth in front of the stuff and my sisters. From then on, my state as Baby and Sissy became more bizarre. I was ordered to sit on Governess lap being forced fed dressed in Sissy Skirt, hat and pinafores. I had to sleep direct on the stiff smelling rubber sheet and my diapers where not changed from 5PM until 8AM.

At Age 8, she started to give me spankings on my bare bottom, first she started with her hand but soon she used an old cane. Standing in the corner with my wet diapers and plasticpants was a standard ritual to humiliate me. Our neighbors and my colleagues from school knew about my state and they made fun of me. She let the diapers and plastic pants hang outside on our balcony or in the garden.

One day she took me to a doctor without telling me. I was in diapers and plastic pants when we arrived and we had to wait for 30 Minutes. I was wet when the Nurse asked us to come in. The doctor, a old Lady, examined me and talked to me very firm, looking in my eyes. I got red in my face and she said that this is all a question of lack of discipline and misbehaver. She talked to my Governess, to keep me under strict control and diaper discipline. So she had now the legitimation from a doctor and on arriving at home, she told my family what the doctor said and added some things on top, she never said. Like treating my like a baby girl, dress my like a sissygirl and get regular punishments every week once at least. Early bed time and long time wearing of wet diapers was the start of my youth.

When I was 13 she got married and all ended. But at age 16 my sexuality woke up and I started collecting Rainpants in Plastic and had them under my trousers. I was several times humiliated in Public by others for wearing Rubber Raincoats or Plastic raincoats. Today I am a good looking gentlemen single and would love to be with an intelligent and strict Mistress.

Sissyboy Pansy


Thank you for your letter Sissyboy Pansy. We wish you the best of luck in find the right Mistress. An amazing childhood, so many of our readers enjoy reading all about experiences they wish they had, or for a few, did have. Hope to hear from you again at some point. Have a Happy New Year!

Auntie Helga

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