Petticoat/Diaper Discipline

Dear Helga,

Occasionally I will require him to service me orally, that is the only way he is permitted to please me. Sexual intercourse is forbidden, as well as masturbation. The reason for the CB 3000 which he must wear to bed every night to prevent him trying to play with himself. Most of the time he is required to sleep in his room, sometimes restrained on his bed, not always. He is required each night when I tell him time to get ready for bed, if he does not have the CB3000 on, as I don't require it 24/7 as it does get very uncomfortable at times and a lot of times the situation does not lend itself to be able to touch or do anything naughty.

After putting the chastity device on, which I required him to do it in front of me, and I will sometimes get him very excited to further frustrate him, before making him put on the cage part and lock himself in it, he is then required to lay on his bed, while I put on his diaper and plastic panties for the night. Many times I will require him to wear heavy vinyl mittens, locked on so he can't touch or feel his plastic panties which excites him very much. When in his room, he must always have on a plastic bib, which I have fixed with a lock so he can't remove it, and always his pacifier. He also wears a little baby doll top, which must be short enough that his plastic panties and diaper are always visible.

Periodically, if he as been very good I have permitted him to masturbate to relieve is intense frustrations and need to come, but he has to do it while I am sitting in front of him. Again he must have his bib and pacifier in his mouth, and wearing rubber gloves, I permit him to masturbate, however, when he starts, I time it and give him only 5 minutes to finish, if he hasn't been able to ejaculate by that time, he must stop and gets locked up again. He cries, but it is by my rules. If he is able to in the alloted time, he must tell me when he is ready, and I hand him a baby bottle, which he must use to come in. He is immediately locked back up again, back in diaper and plastic panties and is restrained for the night. I put just enough water in with his semen, so is will go through the nipple and just before nightie night, he gets his special treat of his release for that day, getting to have the taste in his mouth all night.

I have tried enemas and while I kind of like them, I have found a better way of punishing him. He built a spanking stock some time ago, to lock his legs and arms in it, so his butt is up in the air and he is totally helpless. When he has been bad, disobeyed, he must first apologize to Mistress, then request that I punish him and he is then locked in to the stock, with a penis gag, so he cannot yell or speak, If he tries to, his spanking is doubled. He always gets a minimum of 20 hard swats with a paddle.

If his is going to get the total punishment, he is then put in his diaper and plastic panties (the ones that lock on, so he cannot get them off), sometimes restrained on the bed or restrained in his high chair, feet strapped to the chair, hands handcuffed to the arms, in a plastic romper, locked on, with plastic booties, mittens and bonnet and then I give him a full bottle of water with a good portion of laxative in it, his knowing that sometime in the next hour or so, he is going to be making a mess like a real baby. He is gagged with is pacifier and the door locked to his room, which he is helpless. Sometimes, will go in and give another bottle to make sure his bladder is full and really soak his diaper and even more laxative. He really hates this punishment.

If I let him sleep in my bed with me, he must always be locked in his chastity device to keep from trying anything and sometimes I restrain his hands to his legs as well. Sorry to go on so long with this. Hope I didn't bore you. I do appreciate your responses and appreciate your suggestions, etc, love your articles in PDQ.

Mistress T.

Thank you for your letter Mistress T. The diaper discipline seems very effective and I'm sure your little one stays obedient at all times. Effective discipline is so important to helping them become properly submissive, I'm sure your efforts are much appreciated.


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