Dear Helga,

Congratulations for running such a nice and helpful website which helps me so much to become a happy domineering woman.

First of all, I would like to apologize to the readers about my English because it's not my native language. I hope you will understand what I wrote but it was so important to me to participate in giving my witness.

My name is Vanessa, I am a 22 years French blond girl living in Nancy, a city located in the Northeast of France . My story started two years ago when I worked as a cleaning woman. Up to this day my life was very unpleasant due to my unattractive appearance ( 220 pounds for 6 feet ) a very fat belly like a pregnant woman, and a spotty face lot of boys called me Ugly Vanessa. One day my boss sent me to a new client who needed a half time maid for his apartment and there I met Denis, a 30 years young man short, slim and so shy with a girlish face that he looked like a teenager. I immediately fell in love with him.

At first my favourite game was to ask him indiscreet questions, each time he became red as a beetroot and was unable to answer, what it made me laugh at him. However, I could know that he lived alone without working because he earned his life thanks to the wholesale business inherited from his father but managed by his mother, Denis was to shy to manage whatever.

I came to his apartment every morning and I was rapidly fed up about his lazy and scornful carachter that's why after two weeks I couldn't resist to test him: "come on young boy, you should know that it's my birthday next week, so, I want you to make me a nice present. I need new underwear, but something really smart and very expensive do you know what I mean"

The boy became red as usual and just replied "yes I do" At this moment I was sure that the boy was under my thumb and I confirmed: "OK little boy here are my sizes: for the bra you'll take 42G and for the panties 28 but I suggest you to go to Paris to find something expensive."

Monday came at last and I was satisfied to see the present on the table. I immediately opened it and found a gorgeous bra and panties all in lace and broidery coming from a well known Parisian lingerie house. I couldn't resist to kiss the boy very lovingly but I was surprised to notice that the boy didn't have any experience in the matter, so I asked "have you ever kissed a girl?"

"No, I haven't. I'm sorry Madam, I'm still virgin"

I burst out laughing

"Excellent little boy, by the way have you ever seen real women's panties?"

"oh no "

"very well, little boy"

I lay him on his back and rode his face between my big thighs in explaining him how to satisfy my girl's desires in a wonderful face sitting. I never felt a so nice experience and I decided that it would be the only way to make love with him, the boy is still virgin and I don't see why he keep it forever, my pleasure first!

I lit a cigarette and explained him that now the roles have changed. "I think you have understood that I can't keep being a maid anymore, I am made to command and I am sure you will be a very good menial servant. By the way, a servant is dressed as a girl, this afternoon we will go shopping, and buying you a pink summer dress and heel sandals, I'm sure you will look very cute like that" From this day, I discovered all the pleasures to be a domineering girl.

I moved into his apartment and started my new life. I enjoyed very much forbidden him a lot of things reserved to adults like drinking tea, coffee and alcohol, driving his car, and watching TV except programs destined to girls or housewives. All these things confirmed our real respective natures domineering and submissive so why doesn't accept what the nature has decided!

Meanwhile I got along with his mother and explained her how I treated her boy for his biggest pleasures. She was not surprised and she approved all what I had done. After several encounters she proposed to me to work with her and later to run her business instead of her because she would retire. I thanked her warmly and confirmed her that I will do my best.

Six months after dating Denis, I decided to marry him. It was a nice but very special wedding. Denis's mother was very happy that her son was getting married at last and as she didn't want to hide his real nature, we chose the wedding clothes together to avoid any ambiguity. We didn't go to the church but at the city hall on the 8 November 2008, I married the prettiest little lamb you can imagine. He was all in white with a pleated skirt very short, an embroider blouse very clear to display his pink bra and a pair of little girls sandals. Her mother took him all the morning in a beauty salon to have all the body shaved ( sex included ) the face made up, his nails polished in a nice baby pink and a pink flower in his blond curly hair to look like a pretty little sissy girl. Symbolically, we didn't exchange any rings but at the end of the ceremony, just before kissing him, I fastened a pink collar around his neck with a leash to show who is the boss and then I asked his bridesmaids ( two little girls aged 8 and 10 ) to keep him in leash. All my family and friends congratulated me for this original and rich marriage and to show them how hubby will be treated, I gave him a publicly spanking across my laps with his panties pulled down in front of 40 people. When his bare bottom was red, I put him to the corner with his panties on the ankles and the skirt lifted. At the end of the dinner, I ordered him to help the waitresses to clean the tables and the floor

However, I noticed that after having his naughty pleasure, Hubby became too manly again and sometimes reluctant to obey me as fast as I wanted... What a lady couldn't bear.

I was looking for something to change his misbehaviour when I found your wonderful website which really helped me to drill him definitely. After reading numerous of letters I was convinced that baby training would be the best way to impose my rules in the way of life I had chosen. It took me around 2 months to organize the baby training.

On a cold day of march, I called Hubby in my bedroom "Look on my bed, this is your new outfit, henceforth you will get dressed as a baby girl with a baby dress, pink sandals, thick nappies in a locked plastic pants and a dummy in mouth" Without saying a word, Hubby put on the news baby clothes and I told him "Now let's go outside to show the little pansy boy you are". In the elevator he asked me where we were going "Not another word baby, you are just to obey in sucking your dummy without saying a word, I don't want to hear a word from your mouth and now your name is Pissy Baby"

Totally ashamed, he just put his dummy in mouth, while I caressed his bare thighs perfectly waxed. In spite of the bad weather we crossed the city on foot, I took him by the hand like a baby to Wana's apartment. Wana is a close friend of mine, we grown in the same building and shared the same difficulties. She lived alone, with her 6 months little baby girl called Futuna, since her boyfriend left her when she was pregnant you can guess what she thinks about men's courage! As far as we got at her tiny apartment than she put hubby directly in the playpen full of first age toys. We talked each other for several hours while looking after her adorable baby and suddenly Wana asked Hubby to come in front of us.

With a very determined voice, she read the paper I had prepared :

"listen attentively to what your Mistress has decided for you: During one month I will be your very strict Nanny to train you as a 6 months little baby girl to make you the most obedient maid that your mistress deserves. All the time you are to look at my little Futuna and do exactly the same things as her. If She babbles, you babble too, if She cries you cry too, if She squirms, you squirm too and so on... You must speak like a little baby, adult words are strictly forbidden, only baby babbles are allowed, you will be punished each time you use an understanding word. You will get dressed all the time as a baby with a plastic pants and height very thick nappies which always remind you the little pissy baby you are in maintaining your legs spread wide. Off course you will eat only baby food, but the most important is that you will be fed at my breast twice a day like a new born, most of the breastfed will be performed in front of other people and you will be naked of course. You will put to bed very early, anyway earlier than her. Have you understood the rules, little pissy baby?"

Hubby, was completely disappointed and tried to react "please madam, May I"

I cut him "stop your lamentations, pissy Baby, you know that this training is essential to improve your behaviour and no other solution exists, So now,. please Wana, can you put pissy baby at breast?" Wana smiled, unfastened her bra and showed proudly her teats so heavy that they fell down on her big belly. She sat on the sofa while I undressed the little boy who lied down and put his face on a Wana's thigh. She pushed a black erected nipple into his mouth and explained him how to suck and drink the milk. Obviously, the little boy didn't taste the mother milk but Wana reminded him that it was the only meal he's got before going to bed. It was only 4 o'clock in the afternoon but for the first day Wana decided to put him to bed at 5 pm. "I think it will be thus every day a little baby sleeps a lot."

I must say that this training was very efficient to teach him how a little sissy girl must speak and even to turn him into a little baby girl. Wana was so good at drilling Baby that I decided to keep him 2 weeks more to be sure the training would be very efficient. Wana even proposed to breastfeed him 4 times a day because she stopped to breastfeed Futuna and she had milk rises, I accepted right away.

You can't imagine how this training has changed his behaviour. He his now so deliciously mannered and curtsey me graciously in asking "what may I do for you mistress?" in the most high pitched lisping baby voice and in wriggling like a worm what it makes my dream come true. Like a perfect housewife - silent, submissive and obedient, hubby is my maid every morning, to assume all the household chores and believe me that he has a lot to do because I am very demanding. My clothes have to be perfectly ironed and put in the right place. My bed has to be made with clean sheets every morning and all my shoes have to be polished every day even I haven't worn them.

I converted a room into a baby room with a cot, a changing table, a playpen and a dressing table where he can make up. On a wall, 4 shelves display all his sandals, so it's easier for me to choose what he has to wear.

Hubby wears only baby girl dresses that are very short and puffy to let show his thick nappies and his bare legs, feet and arms whatever the season. I love his walk, so deliciously ridiculous, because he waddles like a toddler with the thighs spread wide to let the heavy wet nappies swinging between his thighs. I only allowed him wearing sandals because I like seeing his adorable pink nail varnish on his fingers and toes. His sandals have high heels when he is doing the housework, it's nice to see his thin bare legs on 5" heel sandals walking with small strides to keep balance. Most of the time he stays at home but when the weather is nice, I sometimes put him in a sandbox to play with baby toys with a dummy in mouth, or go for a walk in the country, kept on leash like a little poodle.

When the house chores are finished, he is to spend the afternoon in the playpen with some baby toys and his dollies sucking a dummy, or a baby bottle .Wana often comes to babysit and to breastfeed him at 4 pm, a half an hour at each breast she adores doing that while talking to him like a newborn just before an early toddler bed time indeed we enjoy putting him to bed very early, 6 pm twice a week at last, and never after 8 pm.

Now he looks like a young girl, and each time I ask him if he is happy, he curtsey and thanks me for all I have done for him.

You know what: I'm very happy now in my new life as an active business woman with a hubby at home who is in the same time, my maid, my baby or my lover, it just depends on my whim.

Baby training: What else for a lady

With lots of love

Thank you for your letter Vanessa. Another fine example of a strong wife taking control of her marriage, I do hope that this letter and others will help convince other wives to take control themselves.


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