(From Madame Vol 4 No 7)
Dear Miss Candida,

For some time I have been an avid reader of Madame, undoubtedly the best magazine in its field, and I feel that it is time that I shared my 'baby' with your other readers. I dominate my fiancé in many ways, but the very best treatment for keeping him in his place is by babyfication. When I first met him he was a typical arrogant male, but now he is an obedient little sissy, totally under my thumb.

Right from the start he was always trying to persuade me to make love with him, but I never 'gave in' until one night when he was drunk. I said that I would make love if he would pretend to be a little baby for me. At first he refused, but realising I was adamant, he finally gave in, no doubt thinking that it was a small price to pay.

This was the chance I had been waiting for to get him in my power. He was surprised when I produced a nappy, rubber pants, and a flowery pink baby dress (actually a nightie I had altered a little), which he was eventually coaxed to put on. I then told him I was going to the loo. I left the room and quickly got out my camera. Click! Before he knew it I had a lovely picture, which I locked away to prevent him from taking it.

He started to get angry, but I informed him that if he so much as laid a finger on me, all his friends would see the picture. I then told him that he had to do as I said or else! He found this hard to stomach, but because he was such a vain creature, I knew he would fall into line. I then made him pose for more pictures. This was all some time ago: when I met him, all he thought that sex entailed was laying girls, but I have taught him otherwise, that sex is for the female's pleasure, and not the male's.

He doesn't know this yet, but I have told my mother, and she is going to visit us 'unexpectedly'. She thinks that it's wonderful that I can control him, and ruthlessly tease him like this, and she says that she is looking forward to a bit of babysitting, and that she will knit him a bonnet and some booties for Christmas.

I have got many ideas from your excellent magazine, and I look forward to becoming a major contributor, and sending you pictures of my now submissive fiance in a corset, and with a little restrainer on. I make quite sure that any love-making is entirely under my supervision, and for my pleasure. I would be happy to send pictures of him in the appropriate pose or dress, if other dominant young ladies would write in with their wishes. Not only will it please me, but it will also please other dominant readers.

Madame Carol

It is a pity that more young women do not state at the time of their engagement who is to be the dominant partner in the marriage, and a good dose of dummy discipline would serve to make their point transparently clear. Babying is also an excellent way of ensuring that love-making is properly directed towards the female's pleasure, especially if Baby has to keep his nappies and pretty baby panties on under his nightie, until his mummy sees fit to release him - if she does. He will soon learn to be less selfish, and will in the end be a devoted and obedient husband.

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