from Madame Vol 14 No 4
Dear Miss Candida,

I am a 25 year old woman, and I am lucky enough to have an older friend who is a firm believer in petticoating and baby treatment as a discipline for difficult and troublesome sons, I can certainly confirm what other readers have said about the effectiveness of this treatment.

Tony was 21 when she first decided to use this form of control, and I was present to watch and help when she made him undress, and put him into a really lovely little white cotton petticoat and a baby frock which she had had specially made. The petticoat had a deep frill of lace round the hem, adorned with cute, pale blue baby-ribbon bows, and I was amused to see that it buttoned up at the back, so that there was no possible way he could take it off by himself. The frock, which was of white organdie, had a high, smocked bodice and very short, full skirt, and in true baby fashion had tiny puffed sleeves edged with lace, and a sweet little white lace collar.

Oh! - what a struggle the wretched boy put up as he was fastened into his humiliating new attire! But there were two strong young women to deal with him, and in spite of all his struggles we very soon had him dressed, and it was very noticeable that, once we had actually got him into petticoats, he quickly became very much more subdued. But there were frantic pleas not to be humiliated like this when an outsize terry cloth nappy was produced, and he realised the full extent of what was being done to him.

By the time he had been pulled down on the bed, and fastened into his nappy, he was sobbing with shame, and the final touch was given when his mother got out a baby's dummy and forced the little rubber teat between his pouting lips! Whimpering and sobbing, he was led across to a mirror to have a look at himself in his ridiculous baby attire, and when he realised that his nappies were quite clearly visible under his frock and little frilly petticoat, he cringed! Smiling triumphantly, his mother informed him that, from now on, he would be dressed like this at all times in the house, and as proof of the permanence of his babyfied condition, she told him that she had bought a cot and a playpen for his use, and also a large twin pram. "I don't want you under my feet all the time", she said, "so on fine days, you will be put in the garden in your pram, or your playpen".

"Oh, Mummy - no!" he sobbed. "Oh! Please! Not outside!"

I knew, of course, that her next door neighbour had an attractive daughter, Jane, about the same age as Tony, and I could well imagine how he must have felt about the awful thought of her seeing him dressed up in babies' nappies and sucking a dummy! But his mum only laughed and, reading his thoughts, she said; "Oh, don't worry about Jane... She knows all about my plans for you already, and she's really looking forward to playing with my new baby."

Originally, I think, her idea was that, he would be well-disciplined enough to be released from the imprisonment of nappies, but by that time she was enjoying the whole situation so much that she decided to carry on, and in fact Tony is kept at home all the time in baby dress - much to the delight of Jane and myself, and his mother's many girlfriends.

Not surprisingly, perhaps even the constant wearing of nappies like this has not made him any more reconciled to his baby condition, and there are still quite often struggles and protest, and really pitiful pleas to be allowed to "grow up". It is quite obvious that he still hates the awful helplessness and humiliations which he has to face every day, and his situation is not helped by the fact that, in spite of his size, she still dresses him in the same sort of very babyish little frocks and frilly lace petticoats which he first wore.

Tall and long-legged, he really does make a quite grotesque and ridiculous spectacle, his little frock and frillies rustling at every movement, and his nappies permanently on display underneath! He is rarely allowed to wear a bonnet, as she wants people to recognise immediately that this pathetic caricature of babyhood is really grown up, and to his great disgust, baby must use a dummy at all times, and is spanked if he is ever caught not doing so.

Jane, right from the start, has taken an enormous interest in his training. She has adopted him as her special 'boyfriend', in spite of the fact that she treats him with amused, mocking contempt, and laughs at him frequently. Sometimes, when nursing him, she will kiss him and fondle him, but if he dares to respond, his dummy is popped back into his mouth, and he is quickly reminded that he is only a baby. Even when she "breast feeds" him, as she loves to do, he must suck obediently at her nipples and is not allowed to touch her in any way.

She really enjoys teasing and tantalising him. I have seen her nursing him sometimes wearing nothing but a pretty little pair of silk bloomers, whilst he lies helplessly across her lap, with his frock and petticoats pulled up and his nappies humiliatingly displayed. And at other times, when she thinks that baby has been naughty, I have seen her take those same pretty bloomers off and pull them on over his head, tying them in place with the belt from her frock.

More than once, he has spent the whole day like that. Unable to see, he has to be led about by the hand, in true baby fashion; he can't eat, of course, or even have his bottle, and the bloomers are tied so tightly over his face and mouth that he can only breathe with difficulty, and any sort of speech is quite impossible.

It is difficult to imagine a more ludicrous or delightful spectacle than this benappied man in a tiny baby frock and frilly petticoats, being led around with his head firmly imprisoned in bloomers! Jane often threatens to keep him permanently like this. "After all, who wants to look at baby's silly face." she says. 'He looks much prettier in bloomers!" And I'm not sure she isn't right.
Yours truly,

Marjorie J.

'Babies' like being teased and tantalised, but it must be almost unendurable for Tony. Jane certainly has him under her pretty thumb.
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