from 'Madame' Volume 17 No 9
contributed by Mr Bunty

Dear Ms Candida,

I was delighted to see the letter from Kate in a recent issue, and must congratulate her on the very effective way in which she disciplines her naughty and troublesome 18-year-old boy.

For the initial training of a youth of this age, a pinafore is excellent, especially when it is very frilly and pretty, and made in such a way that he cannot fasten or unfasten it without assistance. The humiliation of having to ask for his pinny to be done up, or taken off, is a constant reminder to him not only of his juvenile status but also of his complete dependence on others, and the misery of being imprisoned like this in lace and frills is bound to have a good effect on his behaviour.

The next stage in his training, a blouse and kilt and his hated schoolgirl bloomers, is again very good, but might, I think, have been made even more humiliating for him had he been put into a pair of his sister's bloomers, or even her own frilly knickers. The awful indignity of having to wear his sister's bloomers would have really demonstrated to him his utter inferiority to the female sex, and an amusing variation might have been, when any of her women friends visited, to put him into their knickers! I applaud her young niece's idea of adding a frilly lace petticoat to the outfit, and I'm sure 'big sissy Timmy' must have really squirmed when he found himself petticoated like a sweet little girl.

From there, the regression to true 'little girlhood' in a smocked frock and frilly lace petticoats, and his delightfully childish button up lace-frilled knickers, was an easy step, and I can well believe that he really did make an exquisite picture dolled up like this; as she says, the perfect sissy. Obviously, his sister was thoroughly enjoying the situation, and her idea of making the boy talk in a childish lisp must have added the final refinement of humiliation and shame.

But of course the crowning blow of all for the wretched lad must have been the misery of being put back like a baby into nappies. However ridiculous he may have looked in 'little girl' dress, he cannot have presented anything like such a ludicrous sight as an 18-year-old youth in a baby's frock and petticoats, wearing a nappy, and with a dummy in his mouth.

I speak from experience. My own husband, as I have mentioned in earlier letters spends all his time at home dressed in just this way - sweet little smocked baby frocks, lots of frilly lace petticoats and always securely pinned up in nappies and humiliatingly dummy-teated - and he is truly a sight to behold. But I have also, on several occasions, had the chance to train the sons of some of my friends in similar fashion, and have found it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Basil was 19 - a year older than Timmy - when he was handed over to me and I can still remember the horror and disgust on his face when he first learned of my plans for him. Of course there were struggles and protests, but I am well able to cope with such things, and they soon changed to pitiful sobbing and pleading when I pinned him for the first time into nappies. Long before I had got his frilly lace petticoat and sweet little baby frock on him, he was whimpering and blubbering just like a real baby, and when I dragged him over to the mirror to have a look at himself, the tears were streaming down his pretty scarlet face. But he really did look quite lovely, and when I popped a dummy into the wretched squirming lad's mouth, the picture was complete.

I had him in my care for a month and during that time he was subjected to every indignity and humiliation that I could devise for him. Not only was he presented to all my lady friends who of course teased him unmercifully, but I also got several of them to bring along their small daughters, so that he had to suffer the exquisite misery of being laughed and jeered at by a group of little girls, which really had him sobbing with shame.

I also - in spite of quite frantic pleading and tearful begging on his part - took him out quite often for walkies in the local park, in a large twin pram. Of course he had to have his dummy, but I did put a big frilly bonnet on him, which partially covered his face, and if he was a good boy he was allowed to have the hood up, but he was not permitted any other covering, so his nappies and pretty baby clothes could be quite clearly seen.

At the end of the month, when I returned him to his mother, he was a thoroughly chastened and obedient child but, although he is now 23, she still puts him back into nappies and baby dress whenever he misbehaves. He has recently become engaged to a girl of his own age, who knows all about his situation and is fully in favour of such treatment, so it looks as though he faces a lifetime of petticoat and nappy servitude.

Another young man sent to me for training, Vernon, was even older, being then 21. Like Basil he was horrified at the idea of being put back into baby dress, but once I had got a nappy on him, and a dummy in his mouth, he quietened down, and by the time I had got him fully dressed in all his baby finery he was reduced to tears.

Realising that even more severe measures were necessary in his case, because of his age, I had designed a special little frock for him with cute little puffed sleeves, the tiniest of smocked bodices, and a very short, full skirt which actually ended just at the hip. Underneath, he had no less than three starched and very frilly lace petticoats, which stood out all round, made just slightly longer than the frock so that his nappies were almost completely visible.

The effect, as he was quite big and well-built was of course absolutely ludicrous, and yet somehow utterly delightful. At every movement, his petticoats rustled and swished about him, and his nappies were so bulky between his legs that he was forced to walk in an enchantingly baby-like waddle that made the whole thing even more amusing.

I do not normally favour the use of bonnets, as I like it to be obvious that baby is really a grown male, but in this case I decided that it would improve his appearance, so I made him a lovely white cotton cuckoo bonnet, trimmed with lace. With this framing his tear-stained face, and a dummy in his mouth, frilly petticoats swirling round his hips, and his nappies humiliatingly displayed, he really did make the most delicious caricature of babyhood that you could possibly imagine.

I do hope that Kate will write again and tell us more about her treatment of sissy Timmy and that, having now got him to this stage, she will continue to keep him in petticoats and nappies for a long time yet.
Yours truly,


I think I have published a few of Dora's letters before. She was a real believer in disciplining boys and hubbies by the use of nappies, dummies, bibs, baby bottles, and frilly little nighties and baby frocks. No mere male could resist her, and she would have made an excellent English nanny of the old school.

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