From Husband to Sissy Baby

Greetings Helga,

My Name Is Claire and I am writing to you because you sent a E-mail to my Sissy Baby Husband Simon wanting me to write to you and how things are going in our life.

When I took this decision to sissify and Babify my Husband it was not a easy judgement to come to for me but with the backing off my Sister Anna we both agreed that we would both take a active part in babies babyhood. At the time me and baby split up I was serious annoyed that he had hid a secret from me and was so close to ending it but after reading up and getting to know more about it via your site and others at that time. I dawned on me I could have him in a very good position. To cut a long story short I went back to him and From the moment I walked in the door that day he was in nappies.

From that day Sissy Baby Simon Or Sissy Baby Susan as he is now called has a nappy on at all times even to his work and he is luck that it is a disposable nappy he wears are my sister wanted him in Cloth nappies 24/7, but because I still expect him to work I picked Disposibles for work to me more informal the a Abena Abri-X large, which are good because it means he can wear one all day and he doesn`t have to change his own nappy as he is never allowed to change himself. As soon as he gets back home he is taking to the Nursery and laid on the changing table and change into his cloth nappies.

Baby Simon is in nappies no matter what happens and has on few occasions surprise a few off his family who have come over to visit. At first they where shocked and taken aback at what he is wearing but after I explained the reasons they where actually quiet supportive to the fact that his Cousin Amanda bought him his Cot for his nursery and has even baby sat him a couple off times. The last time she even got to change his nappy and from the smile on her face when she left for home I think she enjoyed it more that she thought she would.

We now have a full wardrobe of baby clothes and child like clothes that he wears outside when he is not working and is out with me and/or his auntie Anna he is always in a thick cloth nappy and toddler clothes for a boy or girl depending on our mood. He has had a few strange looks but most people just ignore it and walk by which is a surprise to me. I am thinking of investing in a pushchair for him so I can dress him in baby dresses and take him out to show people just how to treat a big baby as in my view babies can only crawl and that wouldn't be practical outside so pushchair might be a idea.

When he eats his dinner it is from a highchair and when he is in the living room and playing he is in a playpen. It has took a while but Baby Simon now accepts this and even has took to his weekly shaving off his body hair, one thing I have noticed is Baby Simon Loves his petticoats and can sit for hours looking in the mirror at his beautiful baby self.

I will get Baby Simon to write to you again soon. I would also Say to all Women who read this great web site to take the bull by the horns and do it, if you are thinking your man is up to something or that he needs to be treated like a baby get a friend involved and do it . it has been for the best for me and even baby Simon.

Mommy Claire & Auntie Anna

Thank you for your letter Claire. We are delighted to hear from another wife who has a great marriage and keeps her husband well under control, I'm sure Baby Susan is the perfect husband for you.

Auntie Helga

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