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Welcome to the 20th edition of an annual Christmas lift-out 'Special' from petticoated.com. 'Dummy Discipline Digest' will present a selection of the very best letters on the subject of baby discipline for spoilt and immature boys and husbands (and there are so many of them, as my female readers will agree!) Due to my current circumstances I have chosen a wonderful collection of letters and stories from our past issues and a few new items.

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December 2020 - Dummy Discipline Digest Letters
Letter 1 - From Husband to Sissy Baby ('08)
Letter 2 - A Reminder of his Baby Status ('04)
Letter 3 - Nappies and Knicker Penance ('03)
Letter 4 - My Sweet Little Lambikins ('04)
Letter 5 - My Baby is My Fiancé ('01)
Letter 6 - Silly Hubby at Breast ('09)
Letter 7 - Petticoat/Diaper Discipline ('14)
Letter 8 - My Diaper Discipline ('10)
Letter 9 - Rubber and Diaper Discipline ('13)
Letter 10 - A Happy Househusband at Last ('08)

Crying For Mummy ('01)
by Ali

Susie's Pretty Baby ('01)
Sophie's First Christmas ('01)
Our Little Baby Lamb's Christmas ('04)

Poem by Baby Phillip

Merry Christmas from Mattie
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