Crying for Mummy
Original publication in 'Madame' Vol 14 No 2

I purchase your splendid magazine occasionally and have often longed to write to you to meekly offer a humble suggestion if you would graciously allow me please. At last I have plucked up all my timid mere male courage. Please try to forgive the pathetic blubbering of your new little boy. Thank you so very much.

I am a slim, shy bachelor boy and my name is David. I deeply worship all ladies and everything in the wonderful woman's world. I love reading those letters from ladies who completely transform their mere drip males for their own, or ladyfriends', amusement. The detailed accounts are fascinating and most instructive for others too, but I am always shocked and disgusted at how often the idiotic drips pretend to be embarrassed, or even try to resist all that is being so lovingly done for them and to them. Ungrateful wretches! They are highly honoured and greatly privileged. Boys are made for girls to play with...we exist entirely for their amusement and should be pleased and proud to be their playthings whenever they desire, submitting with absolute obedience at all times.

I sincerely feel that the supreme amusement is complete and utter Mummy Therapy. There is nothing more soothingly beautiful than to very slowly and carefully melt a boy down through the years...back to Babyland under Mummy's control. How much better to have him utterly helpless, so willingly obedient to Mummy, through love, than grudgingly obedient through the cane under a hated mistress. Which will have the longest-lasting, more permanent effect, I wonder? One is a psychological heaven for both Mummy and her ladyfriends, and Baby, lasting mutual happiness, intensely soothing for all present. The other is a terror-stricken hell, breeding hatred and resentment in the victim, and the mistress alone deriving satisfaction (if she does...I wonder). Babyland is where we started, why not float back there for Mummy's's so natural...

I am 55 years old, but I am still a Mummy's Boy at heart. Do you think I am too old to be a baby, Miss Candida? If I were in the right atmosphere with the right mummy-type ladies, gorgeously dressed in those silky satin blouses I loved when a boy, with large pearly buttons to kiss, and lots of beads and bracelets to play with, and nicely made up. I would dearly love to be slowly but surely emotionally coaxed back to being a happy little baby boy again.

I can remember those carefree days. How beautiful to be gorgeously dressed, just like Mummy, and gently eased back further with come-to-mummy love, to be her four year old toddler, weaker, more helpless, more dependant on Mummy each hour. Three and beyond changed perhaps to ladies' undies and Mummy's nightie, or a real baby girl dress, gently taught to baby talkies by Mummy or aunties...Baa! Baa! Goo goo goo...delightfully crying for Mummy constantly now...oh, how lovely, my Mummy's lovely dummy teatie at last, learning to suckle again. I had quite forgotten how to! Hours of gently rhythmic sucking to prepare me for my bottle teatie later; when I am suckly perfect, and Mummy is ready to feed me. How I would dearly love to be coaxed to be a baby again, it seems so natural, so beautiful, decisions are taken for you - Mummy is totally responsible - Mummy knows best, always. A lovely therapy, absolute, perfect, heaven.

Again, those letters from ladies who mummy their little babies for a group of ladyfriends make superb reading - but again I cannot understand why so many of the big babies are so shy about anything so natural as sucking a dummy teatie, baby talkies, bottle teat sucking, being undressed to have a lovely little wee wee in front of gorgeous Mummy, ladies, and aunties. They should be absolutely delighted to be the centre of attraction, and be the best and biggest baby in the world for Mummy's complete enjoyment. Enjoy it all, baby, along with Mummy. Remember what Mummy wants, Mummy gets! And Mummy always knows best!

There is a lovely letter in Volume 12 No 4 'Babykins Hubby' by Agnes W. Her baby would be much happier and more fun for herself and ladyfriends if the big idiot realised he was their property for their entire amusement. Obey and submit, you have not one, but several wonderfully kind and understanding mummies, lucky baby, how I envy you. Mummy says you sob with shame when you suckle the lovely rubber teatie on your bottle - shame on you, be a good baby boy (or girl) from now on and gurgle lovingly to Mummy while she suckles you with lovely milkies.

You say (Mummy Agnes) you give him a doll to play with in his play pen. May I meekly suggest giving him a few ladies' clothes too for him to cuddle and kiss? A few of yours and your friends' brassieres to play with, those close to Mummy's breasty garments he will love. A few panties and girdles too, silky blouses, soft woollen cardigans etc., coax him to kiss them, count the buttonies and kiss them.

Another wonderfully kind mummy is A.M.R. who keeps her useless husband permanently as her baby girl, Nancy, which makes him embarrassed and humiliated she says. Why? You useless, brainless twit. Why should you feel that way, especially now that you are Mummy's girl. Think like one, and be sensible. You are very lucky to have such a loving mummy to transform you so completely, don't forget she only wants you to look your very best for your tea parties with her lovely ladyfriends and their charming daughters. You are there to give them pleasure, remember.

Finally, in view of the great interest in Mummy Therapy, may I humbly and meekly suggest as a sincere Mummy's cry-baby boy myself, would you please consider starting a 'Come to Mummy' section in your lovely magazine please? Led by a kind, very understanding and sympathetic lady - Our Mummy - for little baby boys like myself to cry to on every aspect of Mummy/Baby treatment. We would feel that we had a very real live Mummy who would comment lovingly and coax our baby lamb bleatings to a really high standard of perfection. We would have to address her always as Dear Mummy, and write in baa baa baby talkies or Mummy would not publish or comment on our letters at all. Of course she would coax and encourage more and more of those delightful, intensely interesting long letters mummy ladies too - who, naturally, would address her by her Christian name and write in normal adult style.The baby talkies rule would not apply to ladies' letters.

Many mummies already make their little boys write in with their experiences. How they could make their little baa lambs cry to dear Mummy as punishment for being a naughty baby boy, or as a reward for being extra good entertainment at a gorgeous mummies' party - all the delicious details of his delightful mummying from Baby himself. The darling sucky teatie boo boo!

I sincerely feel there is a great need for a 'Come to Mummy' section to fill a longed-for emotional and psychological gap. Please, please consider the idea, if only for a trial period. What do all those lovely kind mummy ladies think I wonder? I do hope and pray that they will write in with their expert views (I hope in agreement) and that you may be graciously influenced by their ideas please. Little boy and baby responses will amuse you, but I feel pressure from mummy readers is very important. I am deeply sorry the idea is being put forward by a drip mere male, a useless Mummy's Boy like myself. How I wish I were a sensible, superior female, as I feel my suggestion would have more chance of success. Ladies please support Baby David please - so genuinely crying for Mummy - thank you.

It would be truly wonderful if little boys were pampered with their very own section in your splendid magazine. Personally I would be more than grateful...and I do feel it would be absolutely super if we could always have a large photograph of 'OUR MUMMY' at the beginning of the section each month, a kind, loving, very understanding lady fabulously made up and very fashion-conscious please. A different pose and outfit each month, not always semi-naked in her undies, often fully dressed in silky satins, or soft, fine woollens etc. Perhaps a slightly older, mature glamourous lady with a fuller figure, beautifully firm milky-full breasties and well developed prominent lovely nipples (teaties) pushing clearly under her blouse, very important helps for a little boy or baby.

Soft, loving, atmospheric pictures to evoke the right thoughts. Brassieres, corsets, dummy teaties, baby's bottle in the setting rather than studded leather, chains and whips in her hand. Someone we can identify with emotionally, and love and respect as our Mummy! Someone we can cry to, someone who will comment kindly but firmly on our cryings and make the beauties of Mummy Therapy even more beautiful for us all. Please? Please?

Please forgive my long letter; I hope and pray yourself and all lady readers are not upset or offended in any way by my crying for my mummy, and longing to be gently coaxed back into Babyland by her. Do ladies consider too old to be a baby, I wonder? Mummy knows best - always.

Your loving Mummy's Boy,

Baby David

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