When I was thirteen my life seemed to turn for the worse. I became a little brat according to my Mother who became so frustrated with my actions. Just a few weeks after my birthday she told me that she had enough of my intolerable behavior and that she was going to do something about it. I did not take her serious because she was after all just a woman.

I came home from school after a day of being a pain for everyone of my teachers and principal and found they had called my mother and told her about my antics. Mother met me at the door and told me to go to my room and the tone she used told me I was in deep trouble. I could hear her talking to someone on the phone for about a half hour. I sat playing with my trucks and cars as she talked but still listening to her. She seemed to be talking to someone about what I had been doing. When she got done talking she came to my door and opened it, she told me to get my clothes off and get in the bath tub and wash myself very clean. I heard the front door open and close while I was bathing. I heard someone else talking to her and it seemed like there might be a young girl talking too. When the door opened again I was standing with a towel wrapped around my waist. Mother entered along with Karen and Karen's Mother from next door.

In their arms were a lot of clothes but they did not seem like boy stuff. Mother told me to get rid of the towel. I looked at Karen and said tell her to leave first. Mother walked to me a ripped the towel from me leaving me naked. I tried to hide but Mother pulled me to the middle of the room. Mrs. James took something from the pile of clothes they had dumped on my bed. She handed me some pale pink panties that were lacy and silk. Mother told em to put them on and be quick about it, I told her no and pushed Mrs. James hand from me. About that time I was pulled over Mother's lap and being spanked like a little child. She did not stop until I was sobbing. I was stood up and told to ask to be allowed to wear the panties. I started to refuse but the pain on my butt was burning bad. I Looked at the floor and ask if I could be allowed to wear the panties. Karen ask me if I thought they were pretty and I knew that the answer had better be yes. I sobbed out the word yes as I took the panties and put them on. Mother then told me to ask for each piece of girls clothes and thank Karen for the donation to my new wardrobe. I was soon in not only panties but a training bra and petticoat with a skirt and pink blouse. Karen told me to sit in the chair as she did some thing to my hair and she put lipstick on my lips. She then put some ear rings on my ear lobes. They handed me some sox that had lace around the top and some girls shoes. I was told to model my new outfit for them. Karen started taking pictures of me modeling for them. The rest of the afternoon was filled with me learning to curtsey, prance and wiggle like a girl. I had to parade up and down the room until I got it right.

I spent the whole evening doing girl stuff. But the worse was yet to come I had to learn to use the bathroom like a girl sitting to pee and putting pads in the panties because Mother said when I start my period I would have to know how to put them in.

I thought I had been through the bad part until Karen said it was time for me to get to bed so I would not be late getting up for school. They put me in a set of baby doll pajamas and a hair net to keep my hair in place.

I was told that I would be going to school as a girl for the full semester and if I was good I would get my boy clothes back after that. I began to cry thinking of how the boys would bully me for being dressed in girls clothes. Mother said she had talked to the school and they agreed that petticoat was the only discipline that would work on a boy that was such a brat. Mother also told me that my name for the semester would be Brat and the teachers already knew my new name.

The next morning Karen came over to help Mother dress me for school I was crying like a little girl while they put me in a very short school girl outfit. White panties with lace on them and a training bra with a white blouse and a plaid short skirt and long stockings and patient leather shoes the outfit used to belong to Karen and she said I looked so pretty in it. No sooner was I dressed than Mother ask Karen to walk her little girl to school and try to make sure that no bratty boys lifted my skirt and expose my little pantied butt. They both laughed because I had done that very thing to Karen last week at school.

AS we walked to school several of the guys were on their way to school and when they saw me they all began to poke fun and laugh. Carl ran up behind me a flipped my skirt everyone saw the panties. At school when the teacher call roll she called out BRAT loud she did it four times until I said here.

I will write more later as I have to get a bath for school now.


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