from Joseph

Dear Auntie Helga,

So many things were confusing to me while I fought to keep my male identity. There was no use as Mistress was too strong for me to handle with her gaining strength while I was losing the battle. Mistress is a very determined woman and she never gives in to me. I am still learning to be the best sissymaid I can be for her however we both feel I am making progress. I understand more now about my role and more about Mistresses role more now than ever before. Mistress wants me to become a very feminine sissymaid so that she can take me out with her whenever she wants.

One thing I learned Auntie Helga which was the hardest part of this for me is to always obey Mistress. Before most of my problems were second guessing Mistress or in a small way challenging her authority by thinking too much. I found when I stopped thinking and acted immediately it made Mistress happier and was less confusing to me.

Mistress continues to train me and humiliate me whenever she can. Hanging me naked in the basement with Mistress's panties over my head while she spanks me gives her much enjoyment. She also enjoys using her strapon a few days a week. I am getting used to it more now although I wouldn't say I like it. Mistress decided to keep my penis in the cage for the rest of the year because I was asking her too much about removing it. That means she will keep milking me weekly until someday when the cage comes off.


Thank you for your letter Joseph. You are fighting a losing battle, your male identity is gone for good one look in the mirror or in your silky panties should convince you of that. As I told you all along, obedience is the only way to respond to your Mistress. Please do let us know how you are getting on.

Auntie Helga

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