from Jane

Dear Auntie Helga,

Mistress has instructed me to write to you outlining my daily routine and duties as her sissy maid which I acknowledge that I am. Mistress has kindly allowed me to use her laptop and will be monitoring my mail to you. My morning begins at 06.00 when I am woken and I have an hour to get showered, shaved etc and into my uniform before serving breakfast at 07.00.

My uniform today consists of panties, a girdle, a bra, stockings, a black maids uniform and heels. Mistress is home today so I do not need to have my heels locked on. I am learning make up and have applied foundation, powder, some eye liner and shadow and some lipstick. This morning I have done some washing and cleaning. I clean every day, the whole house. This afternoon I shall be doing some ironing and cleaning all of Mistress's shoes. She says to tell you that she has many. After that I am to be put in my room where I am to read the magazines given to me to teach me make up. I will be let out to prepare the evening meal which today will be required at 6pm.

Once I have cleared up and washed up after the meal, Mistress will decide whether I will be required any more this evening or whether I will be sent back to my room. Either way, I am to change from my uniform into my nightwear which may be a nightdress and or negligee depending on Mistress's choice. Sometimes I am required to perform sexual duties for Mistress. These may include the use of my tongue but never my little clitty which is always locked in it's cage.

If I have worked well then occasionally I am allowed to relieve myself after being released temporarily. I am very grateful for this act of kindness by Mistress Jennifer who I adore and worship.

In obedience,
Sissy Maid Jane

Thank you for sharing your daily routine Sissy Jane, seems most efficient and with attention to detail that I'm sure your Mistress appreciates. Your training is coming right along and you appear to be well adjusted to your new life.

Auntie Helga

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