from Carrie

Dear Helga,

The future for my husband my in fact be wearing a sissy dress however I want to start it off by him wearing a conventional maid uniform and him as my girlfriend when we go out. I agree all the way with you Helga that when in uniform he will obey me like any other sissymaid. My plan is to do that with a softer approach. The only thing left is the uniform and shoes. The rest was purchased week by week so as not to draw too much attention to all the shopping bags.

Lucky me was able to buy two commercial maid uniforms today in a light salmon color. I was hoping for pink however salmon was as close as they had in Ralph's size. He also gets a new girdle and what sissymaid wouldn't like a new girdle? Ralph is home early Mondays giving me all kinds of time to make the announcement to him. I am expecting to hear 'are you kidding Carrie' but am sure he will try on his new uniform for me. He is usually easy going and like I mentioned fairly feminine.

Last evening I sat with Ralph talking about having some fun experimenting with him playing the traditional woman's role at home. Some women may not like that term even though most of us grew up that way. Ralph acting confused wanted to know if I was smoking something which I never do. I love the guy and wanted to keep it upbeat and positive before showing him my purchases. I had to do some begging with Ralph before he agreed to look at what I bought him. It was like a deer in headlights if you have ever heard of that look.

Ralph was not wanting to play ball until I asked him what harm would it be for him to at least try the clothes on after I spent the time to buy them in his size. The answer was no at first until he finally agreed to get me to stop begging him. There is always a way to get a man to do what you want, just whine lots.

It wasn't long before Ralph was wearing what I bought including the girdle which I laughed about inside. We talked for a while with me explaining my vision and Ralph trying to understand the logic. When I showed Ralph himself in the mirror he could see why I thought of him as more feminine that he thought. He didn't agree to go any further however I will try again tomorrow night giving him tonight off. I prefer not force him right now if he will dress for me a few days a week to get him started. Sooner of later Ralph will let me have my fun.

What do you think now Helga? Did I do alright for a beginner or do you prefer I use more pressure like other wives have done?

Thank you,

Thank you for your letter Carrie. How nice to hear from you again and it appears you made some progress, well done. You did very well and it might take more pressure but right now it seems to be working, try what I suggest below as well, make it sexy fun. He'll come around before too long, wearing the clothes more often will help.

Try nylon panties, the full brief style, get him comfortable with the silky aspects, men respond well to that especially when you masturbate him in them, men like it when they get something even if they have to wear panties.


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