from Veronica

Dear Helga,

As I previously wrote once Michael my husband had become my maid Michelle and moved into the spare bedroom I continued with his feminisation and with the help of my mother put her on a hormone programme to ensure any masculine traits were suppressed and her female traits enhanced. Whilst I had toyed with the idea of chastity the hormone regime and the fact that she was small in that department meant there was no need. However I still had needs that needed to be satisfied so Michelle’s domestic training included providing oral services along with her household duties. My mother helped with the training and benefited from Michelle’s oral skills as well as domestic capability. As I said previously my mother encouraged me to start dating again and I rekindled a relationship with a former boyfriend William. He is a strong forceful man and very much my equal. My mother offered to take Michelle on as her live in maid so I could develop my new relationship with William and to ensure Michelle was fully aware of her new position.

After a couple of months my mother decided it was time to show Michelle her new position in the marriage and invited William and I to stay for the weekend. She instructed Michelle that I was to referred to as Miss Veronica and William as Master William and was to be on her best behaviour ensuring she curtsied whenever given an instruction. Whilst William was obviously aware of Michelle and the fact that she was actually my husband, being served by her over the weekend was very rewarding and allowed my new relationship to be firmly displayed to Michelle. I must admit I found it all quite exciting for William and I to be served throughout the weekend by Michelle which included breakfast in bed (mothers idea). My mother had to confess that she found it thrilling getting Michelle to prepare the guest room for William and I making it clear to Michelle that her daughter would be enjoying the benefits of a strong virile man throughout the weekend much as she had done for the last couple of months and more than likely as she would for the foreseeable future.

The weekend was a huge success mainly due to my mothers training of Michelle which she says was a regime of punishment and reward with the judicial use of the strap on. She has encouraged me to continue with the same training which I find most enjoyable; Michelle has in turn accepted fully her role in life and is a very attentive maid. My mother and I now share the benefits of Michelle for domestic support with all that that entails.

William is my regular lover and thoroughly enjoys the fact that my husband is now my maid and treats her quite correctly as nothing more than domestic staff. The final twist is that William has insisted that Michelle refers to me formally as Miss Long which was my maiden name. All's well that ends well.

Warm regards

I remember you and so good to hear from you again Veronica. I am so pleased to learn how she is serving your mother with all her household and personal issues. Having her serve you and your lover thus assuring Michelle better realizes her status in the family. Certainly regular punishment and strapon use ensure further submissive behavior.


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