from Cheryl

Dear Helga,

I know I had promised to write again to tell you more about the woman I served at the department store with the twin 9-year-old boys, but my life has been quite busy recently, so my apologies for not having written sooner.

As you know, I am now working again in the girls and women's wear section of a local department store, and I'm finding that I'm having many more customers who are buying girls clothes for their sons than had been the case before the pandemic. It certainly seems as if a lot of moms decided during the lockdown periods that they were not going to put up with their sons rather-typical-for-boys difficult behavior anymore and have started using petticoating as a form of effective disciple and as a way to feminize their sons.

Just a few days before I wrote my previous email, a woman cam into the store with her twin 9-year-old boys in tow. Although the boys were dressed in boys clothes when they arrived at the store, one of them was not dressed that way when they left! Of course, I noticed them as soon as they entered my section of the store. It was obvious they were identical twins, although I quickly also noticed two ways in which they were different; one boy's had much longer hair than the other, and that same boy had red eyes, as if he'd been crying.

I walked over, introduced myself, and asked the mother if she needed any assistance. She introduced herself (Sandra) and her sons (Adrian and Nathan), said yes they could use some assistance, and then told me in a rather matter-of-fact tone of voice that her boys had been acting out a lot recently and so, in part at the urging of a friend of hers who had very successfully used petticoating with her own sons, had decided that one of the boys (Adrian) would be spending the summer as a girl, starting that day. She also told me that after they left the store, they would heading to a nearby town where her sister lived so that she and the boys could attend one of their girl cousin's birthdays, and among the various clothes that she wanted to buy for Adrian that day was a party dress that he would wear to the party.

By the time she had finished telling me about the planned visit to the cousin's party, I could see that Adrian's eyes were welling up with tears, while Nathan was keeping very quiet, apparently quite relieved that he wasn't going to receive a similar treatment. But Adrian was not quiet. In fact, he proceeded to create more than a bit of a scene in the store as he started to sob uncontrollably and began begging and pleading with his mother not to make him spend the summer as a girl and not to make him go to his cousin's party in a party dress. He also kept telling his mother that it was unfair that he was being punished this way while his brother wasn't being punished at all, since most of the trouble he'd gotten into the two boys had gotten into together. Sandra gave Adrian a really stern look and told him they had been through all of this already, and he knew it was her decision that life in the family would be easier that summer with one girl and one boy rather than with either two boys or two girls, and so she had decided he would be a girl for the next few months. She also said that if he continued to complain then he'd be showing up for the party wearing a dress and with a very sore rear from a spanking.

I told Sandra that I would be happy to help her and that it was not unusual at all for boys to be brought to the store to be outfitted in girls clothes. I started by taking some of Adrian's measurements, and then over the next hour or so helped Sandra purchase a nice summer-girl wardrobe for Adrian, including panties, girls shoes and sandals and socks, several skirts and blouses, several very girly t-shirts, several pairs of short shorts, a couple of jumpers, some soft pretty sweaters, two bathing suits (one a one-pice and the other a two-piece), some girls pajamas and a couple of nighties, and three dresses, including the one that Sandra selected for Adrian to wear to his cousin's party. For much of this time, Adrian continued to cry, sometimes weeping loudly and sometimes crying more at the level of a whimper. For part of the time, he went with me to a changing room to try on some of the clothes. It was in the dressing room that I saw that his mother had already put him in panties, and it was both amusing and rather adorable the way he at first resisted removing his pants in front of me because he didn't want me to see that he'd been pantied. When he was slow to take off his pants, and when I saw the panties he was wearing, I pointed out to him how silly he was being, given that I was about to help him try on some skirts and blouses and dresses.

But I admit that I did feel somewhat sorry for Adrian, since it did seem a bit unfair that he was being punished so severely while his brother wasn't being punished at all (except, perhaps, for the "punishment" of now having a twin sister for the summer instead of a twin brother to play with and to get into trouble with). And so, as he continued to cry and whimper while trying on the girls clothes, and while telling me over and over that he didn't understand why his mother was doing this to him, telling me that he'd told her over and over that he'd wear panties all summer without complaint and would do everything she told him to do if only she wouldn't make him actually live full time as a girl, I did my best to console him and to try to calm his crying.

After he put on a particularly cute outfit (some very short pink shorts and a sleeveless baby blue girls t-shirt that said "girls rule"), I told him how pretty he looked in those clothes and told him that I thought he would end up really enjoying being a girl and being treated as a girl by everybody. He did almost smile, and seemed to actually blush a bit when I told him how pretty he looked, but he still said that he didn't want to be a girl and that it wasn't fair that his mom was doing this to him. So to try to help out a little more, I told him that lots of boys were brought to the store by their moms to be dressed as girls, and that I knew of lots of boys who started out just like him and said they didn't want to wear girls clothes but that after even just a couple of weeks, they usually started to like wearing pretty girls clothes.

I also challenged him by asking him what was wrong with being a girl and how did he know he wasn't going to like being a girl, and of course, he had no answer to that except to say "because I'm a boy". I also mentioned to him that he had really pretty hair, and he tearfully told me his mother had not permitted him to have it cut for quite some time even though his brother had had a couple of haircuts during that time, which suggested that Sandra had started planning to feminize him several months before the day of their visit to the store. When Adrian left the store with his mother and brother, headed to his cousin't party, he was wearing an adorable very frilly pink party dress, ruffle-cuff pink ankle socks, black mary jane shoes, and with pink barrettes in his longish hair. There was no way anyone who didn't know him would think he was a boy.

Since then, I've seen Sandra in the store a couple of times (never with Adrian, but each time buying some clothes for Adrian), and she told me that while the visit to his cousin's that first day had been quite traumatic for Adrian, and that he'd come in for a lot of teasing from his cousins and even from his brother that day, after that he adapted quite well and surprisingly quickly to living as a girl. During her most recent visit to the store, Sandra told me how pleased she was with Adrian's response to being petticoated, and the he had begun to refer to himself, and seemingly think of himself, as a girl. Sandra said that one of the sweetest parts of the whole thing was the way that Nathan had started to become very boyishly protective of his "sister" and that it was clear than Nathan now really liked being the one boy in the family. Nathan, for example, is apparently quite a good soccer player, and Sandra said he really likes having his sister attend his soccer games cheering him on from the sidelines, and Adrian does cheer him on enthusiastically while talking about maybe getting to be a high school cheerleader some day. Sandra also said that Nathan had asked if there was any chance that Sandra could decide to make Adrian stay as a girl even after the summer is over, and Sandra said that was something she was giving serious consideration to and she was pretty sure Adrian would not object at all.

Phew. As usual, my letter has ended up much longer than I thought it would be, and so again, as usual, I guess I'll just quickly mention that the other petticoating experience I had planned to write to you about involves my helping out as a "consultant" to a woman who was having a terrible time with her 19-year-old son -- a boy who had graduated high school in the spring and who had then just started to do nothing except play video games and go out drinking with his buddies. The mom is a friend of my friend Cat's, so I agreed to help out if I could, and I think that even though all I was able to do was talk regularly with the mom over zoom, I think some progress has been made. So I'll describe that (hopefully more briefly than I usually do!) in my next letter.

Best wishes
Stay safe in this delt-variant world


No apology required, I understand completely, good to hear you've been busy with your work at the department store and thank you so much for sharing another petticoating experience. Your observation about being locked in with rowdy boys leading to more mothers wishing for the gentle nature resulting from feminizing their sons certainly was true here. This case in point of her twin sons, one singled out to become the girl while the other remains a boy is decisive on the mother's part, little Adrian gaining an entire new wardrobe with your knowledgeable and kind assistance, noting that he arrived already wearing panties. He was definitely well dressed for the party after a visit at your store.

Once again, thank you so much for continuing to provide these special occurrences and I look forward to the next about the 19 year old, not an easy age to petticoat.


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