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Brenda Power and Cruella Bridle had hit upon the perfect solution for finding a feminization plan for their sons-in-law that would work permanently because it would be accepted and even wanted by both their daughters' husbands. It came in the form of a splendid book from their online Superior Women Society, called Make Them Want to Fuck Each Other, a manual which takes Mistresses through a successful process of feminization step by step until the feminized male willingly signs a contract committing him to permanent feminization. In the case of sons-in-law, this becomes a parallel contract in which the grooms want to marry each other – with all the extreme feminization that involves.

"I've got him in all my lingerie, Cruella," said Brenda about her son-in-law Priscilla whom she was feminizing with cold determination. "A nice set of bra, panties and slip in champagne nylon with the sweetest lace inserts. He looks very subdued in his high chair. Britnee has just kissed him good-bye as she set off to work and told him to be a very good girl for Mumsy."

"Ha-ha, sounds lovely, Brenda," replied Cruella down the phone. "I've just given Amanda his morning feminization bath in the most gorgeous blend of perfumes, conditioners and feminizers. It so helps him to feel delicate and sensitive to his pretty satin panties and petticoats. Of course, as the book says, he has to know that Priscilla is being bathed in the same treatment at the same time. It focuses his mind on his girlfriend from first thing in the morning."

"I agree, dear. In fact can you have a word with him now? Priscilla dear: Amanda's Mother-In-Law wants to speak to you." She passed the phone to her drooping son-in-law and drew her chair up close to listen.

Priscilla Flair, who had been Charles until his Mother-In-Law legally changed his name, held the phone to his ear and said a very respectful "Hello Cruella."

"Hello my sweet thing. Are you feeling properly girly today?"

"Y-Yes thank you, Cruella."

"That's good, because Amanda is feeling very feminine for you too. He's wearing some of my satin underwear." She paused, and moved along the settee to sit with her skirt pressing against her son-in-law's leg. "Here he is pet, you can ask him how he feels in my panties."

Amanda Primrose had been Phillip until a few weeks ago. His name too had been legally changed, and his sex was set to follow. He listened with beating heart for the voice of Priscilla.

"Hello Amanda."

It sent a surge of excitement through every inch of his being. "Hello Priscilla – darling."

"Darling – please tell me how you are feeling in Cruella's lingerie."

It was hard for both the sissies to understand which of their racing feelings were down to wearing the lingerie they so loved, or which came from hearing the voice of their sweetheart. They had already been in each other's arms more than once, and were even made to kiss each other last weekend, when they met at Brenda's house in their girls' frocks.

But since then their relationship had become a whole lot more fervent. They had both been bathed so many times in luxurious feminizing lotions, they had watched hours of video of each other looking sweet in their lingerie and trying on little girl frocks, and they had been reminded a hundred times a day that their sweetheart was so looking forward to meeting them on Saturday.

And now Saturday was here. "I feel so feminine in Cruella's panties, precious. Because you're listening to me as I tell you about them. They are so pretty, and my cock feels so – so – oh so feminine. I wish you could see how stiff it is."

"That's enough," cried Cruella, and their Mothers-In-Law relieved them of their phones so that they could make arrangements. "I've got both their dresses ready, Brenda. Yours will be in strawberry pink ruffles in a dress with its own integrated panty in pink satin. Amanda will die for him on the spot. I'm going to have him in apricot silk with polka dots and I know he'll be feeling deliciously girly for your little girl. Can you be here at 12 with him?"

"At the latest," agreed Brenda, and both women put down their phones to concentrate on the feminine feelings and lovely make-up of their heart-thumping sons-in-law. She dressed Priscilla in one of her lavish satin blouses for the journey with a lavish waterfall of white satin spreading from his throat, leaving his legs bare and his panties on show between the door and the car. It was a ten minute drive, but by the time they got there and minced up the drive to the door, Pricilla was barely able to breathe in his pounding excitement.

"Darling," said Cruella as she let them in, "be so good as to take him into the morning room. I've laid out his dress ready for you to dress him and add his perfumes." She giggled in her own excitement. "There's a cute ribbon for his hair – to match his dress. Amanda will simply fall in love with him. You can join us in the lounge when you're ready."

Fifteen minutes passed before Mother and son-in-law reached the lounge door in flurries of rustling petticoat frills.

"Well," said Brenda, taking a good hold on the stiff shaft of his cock through the glossy satin of his integrated panty and pulling her fingers up and down its length, "do you think you are pretty enough for Amanda to take one look at you and swoon with love for his sweetheart?"

"Oh I hope so, Mummy-In-Law," he gasped in a whisper.

"Hmm. Just make sure you are lovely for him," she said, and with that she tapped before entering and they stepped through.

She kept hold of his cock, which was why she knew at once that the sight of Amanda in his ultra-girly polka dotted frock was too much for his sensitive feelings.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!" he moaned, standing rooted to the carpet a foot inside the door and squeezing his knees together like his sex had deserted him.

"Oh Priscilla darling, my dearest sweetheart!" came the reply from Amanda Primrose in his apricot spotted dress sitting on layer upon layer of ample petticoats, with more petticoats supporting the girly collar that surrounded his face in prettiness. "Darling I want to hold you. Please come to me. Come right up to me, you are so pretty."

"Oh thank you for calling me pretty," gasped Priscilla, squirming with girlishness as his sexlessness worked through all his limbs and churned his feelings. "You look so like a girl, my sweet. Do you FEEL like a girl, Amanda?"

They stood toe to toe and gazed at each other, not knowing whether to focus on each other's eye make-up, or lovely white collars, or the wide prettiness of their girly dresses. But they soon found out where to concentrate their attention, because their Mothers-In-Law were showing them. It was on the appalling stiffness inside their stretched panties, which both women were masturbating in a slow rhythm designed to rouse a steady growth of affection for each other.

"You love looking at each other's cocks, don't you, darlings?" said Cruella, using her hand at the upper end of her son-in-law's shaft so as to define the shape of his knob in the silk of his panty. "You want to touch it, don't you Priscilla? With your fingers? Come on, stand right here, and hold your sweetheart's lovely sissy cock in its panty."

She was right, as Priscilla's whimpers of desire told everyone around him. His own cock was being fondled mercilessly as he reached forward with both hands and closed his fingers round that wonderfully girly knob in its pink silk panty. "Oh Amanda," he gasped, fondling it so delicately and sweetly, I love your face in its collar frills: so pretty – so girlish. You're so lovely, my darling sweetheart."

Amanda collapsed at his words, and was just about held up on his feet by Cruella, whose hands were still clenched round his shaft beneath the hands of the visiting sissy.

"Would you like to kiss Amanda, pet?" cooed Brenda in her own son-in-law's ear. "Would you like to plant a girl's kiss on those lovely girly lips?"

She moved him forward an inch or two so that their dresses sizzled together in their opened petticoats and their outstretched panties drew closer and closer up to about three inches apart as they were both being masturbated.

"I – I want to kiss you so much, Amanda," he said, his lips trembling and inching closer – and closer still, until Amanda himself closed the space by pressing his lips that further inch onto the ruby lips of his delirious girlfriend.

They kissed, and kissed, then moaned with ecstasy, as their panties kissed too, knob against knob, pressing and squeezing and slithering and sliding in the hands of their Mothers-In-Law. "Isn't it lovely, kissing each other so intimately," said Brenda for both of them to hear.

"While pressing and sliding your darling cocks together too in such a loving panty-kiss. Isn't that sweet. To be lovely girls together for Mumsy and Mummy."

The boys weren't going to reply. Their lips were otherwise engaged, and in any case, their feelings were utterly pre-occupied with the blissful pleasure they were sharing through the lengths of their aching cocks. It was the pleasure they had both been dreaming about during their lovely girly conditioning: that moment of sweet togetherness in their silken panties, where their passions rise higher and higher, sweeter and sweeter, and their girly cream comes pouring out for their sweetheart's cock. So that they can feel the sticky wetness in its feminine loveliness and spread it all round each other's panty points with hard, juicing, aching cocks.

"I think our girls have found how to enjoy their girly pleasure for us," said Cruella with a giggle. "What more could a girl want than to kiss her sweetheart's clitoris with her own?"

"Oh but Cruella," said Priscilla, so overwhelmed with his passions that he dared to ask her for more, "I love Amanda so much – I wonder if you will let me kneel down in front of his legs – and take down his pretty panties – and take his darling, darling clitoris into my mouth for me to suck and suck and suck on it for ever and ever?"

His request came over in such a cute spirit of innocence that both women simply burst into laughter, and before they had time to gather themselves, the sissy had sunk to his knees, lifted Amanda's panties over the knob of his penis, and taken the full length of the fully-stretched organ into his mouth so that he could suck on it with all the devotion of an adoring lesbian lover.


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