from Sissy Andrea

Dear Auntie Helga,

As for my shopping trip that Mistress Amber took me on I was told to put on my blue skater type dress, with the puffy petticoat under it as well. It really feels awkward going out in public with petticoats under the skirt. Mistress Amber said that they have a nice swishy bounce to them and people notice it, I replied that I would rather not be noticed that much but she said that it was a big part of the exercise and I would be more comfortable with it by getting used to people looking at me. I guess it is better than wearing skinny jeans or leggings with that sissy t-shirt I had to make.

I got all made up and we headed out the door, of course it was the middle of the afternoon and it was sure to be busy. I begged her to go in the morning when it was not so busy but she refused and said I needed to be seen by as many people as possible. So we got in the car and about halfway there she pulled into a store at gas pumps and handed me some money to go pay for the gas, I asked why we could not use the debit card and she said it would not be as much fun for her. I could tell this was going to be a bad trip already. As I started to shut the door she said oh get me a soda and a candy bar.

I shut the door and proceeded to go inside. I really hate going inside places to pay for things as they definitely know I am a sissy when I get to the cash register. The girl behind the counter rang up my stuff and said "I love your dress, you look so cute in it", then giggled loudly. I hurried back out to the car and pumped gas but not before some guy made a comment that I looked great in the dress. I was thoroughly embarrassed by then.

We then proceeded to the mall where Brenda works and Mistress Amber got out at the curb and told me to go park the car all the way across the parking lot. Of course I had to get out and go around to get in the driver's side and got a couple of cat call whistles in the process, people are so rude sometimes. I proceeded to park the car and had to walk forever to get back to the front of the store and found Mistress Amber waiting inside. Then we started walking through the mall and went right by Brenda's store front. I thought we were going there, I asked Mistress Amber and she told me that we might but we were going to another couple of stores first.

We went a good way through the mall and into a clothing store for women. I saw right away why we went there. It was very busy and people were everywhere. She took me all around the store and I got a lot of sideways looks from the women that were in there, I could have crawled under a clothes rack! we then went over to a dress section and she started picking out things and holding them up to me, I did not think they looked all that good but I was informed my opinion did not matter and to try them on. Then we went over to the section for teenagers and she was picking out short skirts and tight tops. These were very provocative looking I thought but did not say anything. After all this trying on clothes she decided not to get anything but a black dress with a skirt similar to what I was wearing.

So off to the check out line and she picked the longest one to stand in of course. About three people from getting to register she said she would meet me outside and left me standing there alone. I could feel people staring at me from behind and I was so humiliated. I got up to register and checked out, the lady behind the register said I bet you will look as pretty in this as what you are wearing. I said thank you and hurried out to find my Mistress. I found her about three stores up from there sitting on a bench with an amused look on her face as I walked up. she just laughed and said I looked like I was abandoned in a dark alley when I came out and did not see her. I just told her I did not think it was funny and definitely not nice. She said tough shit and we walked on into the mall some more. We once again came to a clothing store and went in, of course it was as crowded as the last one and I was getting the same odd looks from people.

We went over to some clothes racks and were looking at them when to my dismay a saleslady walked up and asked if she could help us. "Of course you can," Mistress said to her, "we are looking for some skirts and tops for my sissy Andrea here" and nodded towards me. I could have died, thinking not this again please. the sales lady said "I think I know where there are some things that would look wonderful on your sissy." So off we went to another part of the store and she went to the mini skirt section, these were not conservative skirts at all, they screamed "look at me in my tight ass hugging skirt." She told Mistress Amber that the ones she had in her hands should fit nicely, would we like to look at some tops? "Of course," Mistress Amber said with a huge grin on her face. We went to the rack with tops on it and she picked out what had to be the tightest ones there. "Let's see how these look, come this way to dressing rooms." she said. I was paraded in and out of the room in these terribly short skirts and tightest tops you can imagine.

The whole time Mistress Amber and the saleslady were having a wonderful time of humiliating me. The sales lady asked if those kinds of tops and skirts were what sissies liked to wear, and I replied that I was not a big fan. So of course Mistress Amber said we would take them. She handed me one of the skirts and one of the tops and inquired if I could wear them out of the store. The sales lady said of course and removed the tags, brought a bag over for my dress to go in and directed me back into the dressing room. I changed into them and put my dress in the bag with my petticoat and stepped back out. "Oh that is a proper sissy outfit if I have ever seen one '" she said and we went to check out. I was afraid we were going to continue the parade of me about the mall in my freshly acquired skimpy outfit but as we walked back out of the mall, I really got the whistles and comments on the way out.

Mistress Amber stayed inside the doors and told me to get the car and pick her up. I have never been so glad to get into the car as I was then. Once I got to the front of the mall, once again I had to get out and get on the passenger side. just a little more exposure for me. On the way home Mistress Amber said that if I had not said I was not a big fan of the skirts then and said I liked them I could have worn the dress back out. overall a thoroughly humiliating and embarrassing trip for me.

Sissy Andrea

What a terrific shopping trip Andrea, from the gas station where both clerk and patrons enjoyed seeing you in your sissy outfit with the flaring petticoats- very cute by the way. Then on to the stores, and the trip was a real success, new items for your wardrobe as well as providing a good time for all those witnesses. It also looks like you made a friend of the sales associate at the last place.

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Auntie Helga

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