from Sydney

Dear Auntie Helga,

Your insights regarding my feelings about petticoating seem to be right on the mark. As you suspected would be the case, I did decide to return home to live once again under the authority and control of my step-mother.

It did, however, take me a few days of emotional turmoil to work up the nerve to do what to you seemed so obviously the proper course of action. And even then, I started by emailing her to ask, in the most polite and submissive and subservient of tones possible, if she would be willing to let me return home. I told her that I thought about her constantly, that I wanted nothing more in life than to be able to serve her in any way she might want, and that I fully accepted that I was a pathetic loser and a sissy who deserved the humiliation of being petticoated, dominated, and feminized. I also told her that I fully acknowledge that my step-brother Trevor is the kind of real man who is superior to a sissy like me in every way and that she was right to have treated me as his inferior.

After writing the email, I trembled with fear for hours before nervously hitting the "send" button, and I then spent the next few days barely sleeping while waiting for a reply. When I finally saw a reply in my inbox my heart started to pound so hard I almost fainted and my hands shook as I clicked to read when she had written. Rather than summarize what she wrote, I've copied her short email below:

/Sissy Sydney/

/You're right. You ARE a pathetic effeminate sissy loser. So different from my very masculine son Trevor. I can't imagine what ever made you think you could leave home and become a success in life. No girl would ever want to have a sissy like you as a boyfriend, or god forbid, husband. I always knew you were a sissy and that you not only deserved to be petticoated and feminized, you needed to be petticoated and feminized and you could never be content with a life in which you were not petticoated and feminized. And that is exactly what I, with Trevor's help, intend to do to you when you return home./

/What is important now is for you to understand that petticoating and feminizing you and training you to live as a sissy maid will not be a game. That is what your life will really be. From the moment you step back into my home your fate will be sealed. Your days of living in any way as a male will be over and you will work as a sissy maid for both me and for Trevor every minute of every day. So, the decision will be yours about whether to return, but given how intense your need to serve me is, I know it is not really a choice at all. /


The day after I received her email I returned home. She knew I would. You knew I would.

When my step-mother opened the door, I immediately fell to my knees at her feet and thanked her abjectly for permitting me to return home to serve her. She looked down at me with a look of obvious disdain, and with a laugh, told me to go upstairs to my old room where I would find a maid's uniform laid out on the bed for me to change into. In short order, I was dressed in panties, garter belt, stockings, padded bra, short black skirt, and a white blouse, and with lipsticked lips and polished nails, ready to report for maid duty.

Since then I've become adept at doing laundry, vacuuming, serving meals and cleaning afterwards, making beds, ironing, even some cooking and shopping, bringing my step-mother anything she asks for at the moment, etc. etc. etc. Basically, all the tasks required to make sure my step-mother doesn't need to do any housework at all. I've also spent two days each week cleaning up Trevor's and his girlfriend's apartment and doing whatever other tasks or errands they need done and it seems that will be the pattern of my weeks unless Trevor has a party or something and wants my service on that kind of occasion.

In terms of my appearance, I guess you could say that I'm "blessed" to be so naturally small and un-masculine, so passing as female in public (like when I go shopping) is not really a problem. The fact that my hair was long already has helped, and my step-mother sent me to a hairdresser on my first full day to get a very pretty and very feminine "do". I should also mention that at Trevor's insistence, I've been put into a chastity, and so far at least, I haven't been permitted to be out of it even for a moment and I'm not sure when I will be. When I asked Trevor about that he said that sissies like me don't deserve or need to have any kind of sex life at all, even one involving nothing more than masturbating. That does leave me rather frustrated, but neither my step-mother nor Trevor seem inclined to give me the opportunity for any kind of release and they both seem to find my feelings of frustration rather amusing.

So my days now are quite busy, starting very early to get a few chores done before bringing my step-mother her breakfast, and the work is not done until quite late. It's pretty tiring, actually, but for whatever reason, I feel content with my new role. The one real concern I have is that I recently overheard Trevor and my step-mother laughing about the possibility of feminizing me more fully. I don't really know if they are serious, and I'm not certain what that would entail. I don't even know how I would feel about it. Given that I now live as a woman, maybe further feminization would be a good idea. What I do know is if the two of them decide on something, I won't have any say in the matter.

I hope you are doing well.

Best wishes

How nice to hear from you again and I am delighted to hear that you returned home to be a sissymaid for the family. I know this was not an easy decision but the right one I feel. Your email plea was so well written, I know what my response would have been, much like hers. Serve, submit and obey and you will live a long happy life, there is no higher calling than sacrificing yourself for others.

Auntie Helga

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