from Liam

Dear Auntie Helga,

The start of my fall from grace begun under the Autumn school holiday on a trip to a park, on the mini bus was me, Leah and her twin friends, a group of younger boys from a different school but attended the club after school and the girls Charlotte and Sarah with Sarah's mum who absolutely hated me Diane who worked for the club as a child minder.

On the bus ride there I began to feel queasy and I just assumed car sickness after shame facially trying to let out a few silently breaking wind resulting in the usual childhood game of trying to guess who did the crime before we arrived at the park. However after an hour of being there my windy problem had not passed in fact it had gotten worse! I really needed to relieve myself very badly and there was no way I could hold it for long, let along until we arrived back at the club.

I tried to discreetly walk into the public toilet but to my despair it was locked. Faced with the thought of going in my pants I had to seek assistance sadly that Diane. Red faced I gingerly walked over to my worst enemy "Diane...I need help." Diane looked at me and coldly asked "what", I replied, "I really need the loo" "can't you go in the bushes?" there was a few seconds pause before I looked down and admitted "Its not what I can go in the trees for" "can you hold on an hour or two?" "no.." I whined, she looked and checked the toilet door then looked thoughtful for a minute she eventually said " meet me over by the minibus."

I waddled over and saw her and her daughter standing by the bus she told Sarah to go play on the swing and reassured her she would be there soon, looking at me she told me to get in the minibus, inside on floor in the middle of the minibus was a large red lady bird patterned child's potty and a pack of baby wipes!

To say I was mortified is an understatement, seeing the look on my face Diane curtly informed me this was my only option or going in a bush; I was crimson. We both knew I had no choice at this stage as at that moment I farted once again, seeing the defeat written across my face she said she would give me some privacy and went outside the bus closing the door.

I slowly lower my tracksuit bottoms and boxer down to my ankles and sat my humiliated bottom down on the cold hard plastic. After a shocked moment of being frozen with shame and the cold feel of the plastic I began to try and relax and a few seconds later I peed a little then I nosily began to do my business! It was awful I must have had a stomach bug and due to the lack of water in the potty the whole bus stank so bad after a minute or two I reached for the baby wipes I stood up and began the humiliating job of wiping my bottom however after a second I needed to take my shameful seat again. After a minute the minibus sliding door opened and there was Diane and her daughter!

I was sat there mid poo and Sarah let out a loud burst of laughter and I burst into tears, Diane was at least professional enough to send her daughter away however that didn't change the fact she had seen my naked on the potty. She said when she noticed I stood up she thought I was ready for her to let me out.

This time she stayed inside and made sure I "cleaned my botty". She finally took out the almost full smelly potty covered with my wipes into the bushes then came back and placed it in a bag in the minibus, this however did nothing to clear the smell.

By the time the other kids returned to the minibus Sarah had managed to tell as many people about what she saw as she could and within five minutes of the journey back to the club were all holding their noses, making farting noses at me and subjecting me merciless teasing which Diane pretended not to notice.

For the rest of that holiday I was a subdued lamb and a laughing stock especially by my sister and her friends but I somehow lived this time for a time but I would not be so lucky again.


Thank you being a long time reader Liam and for sending in this charming story from your past. I'm sure it must have been quite humiliating to have this experience, still though, something triggered a positive response hence your continued interest in petticoating, these two types of arousal often go together.

Auntie Helga

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