from Janet

Dear Helga,

My poor sissy husband remains trapped as my lovers maid. I still can't believe Don got Emily to actually sign a maid employment contract and have it notarized. Don has informed Emily he will sue her for breach of contract if she tries to leave. Emily has several months left to complete her obligation. I have no plans to help her out in any way.

Don has really taken control of her. Emily shows no emotion or weakness when I am at Don's now. I am addressed as Miss Rogers (my maiden name) with a curtsey. At times I can't believe the cute little maid serving us is my sissy husband. I have no sympathy for him as he is arrogant and loveless as my husband.

It will be interesting and exciting to watch as Emily works out her contract. Emily now lives and works full time as a woman. And with Don and I getting along so well she will remain a live in maid into the foreseeable future.


Thank you for updating us Janet. Wow, that is a bit unusual to have a notarized sissy contract but all the better to have your sissy husband slave to such a strong man. She seems to have adapted to her new role, one she is likely to live for some time to come, why not, she's good at it.


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