from Ruth

Dear Helga,

I am writing to share our story if you would care to add it as a monthly letter please go ahead. We started off as the average married couple when I discovered my husband had a fantasy. What would you think if you found a folder on the home computer full of men wearing anything from French Maid costumes to satin little girl dresses? I also found copies of letters written by both men and women talking about petticoating in more detail than I cared to read. That all started about a year ago if the dates on the documents were accurate. Helga your name was mentioned on some of the letters which helped me find the website where I got your email address. The whole thing angered me very much although for the most part my husband had no idea what I had learned about him. Looking through the house there was no evidence of him purchasing any of the dresses or costumes but somehow there was reason for me to believe he would.

Putting my anger aside as I did love my husband there had to be a way to capitalize on his fantasy. After reading every letter on your website and others it was time for me to think about having a sissymaid husband too. It couldn't be all that bad with him looking at websites every time he got a chance and for me having a sissymaid was a huge plus. Maybe it was just a fantasy or maybe it was real to him. Helga, following some of the information I read thanks to your website it was time to just see if Barry wanted to be a sissymaid or just look at pictures.

For Valentine's Day I gave Barry an assorted box of nylon panties then watched him open them. Right away he showed signs of guilt however I played along like it was a great gift and many of my girlfriends did the same thing for their husbands. Now if Barry didn't have knowledge of women's clothing and sissymaids he might have tossed them at me telling me no way would he wear them. None of that happened as he sat there looking at me for a few minutes wondering if I found his secret folder.

There was no way I was going to let Barry know what I knew about his secret computer folder. Instead I was going to get him wearing panties and go from there without ever telling about his fantasy folder. A few weeks went by without me talking about his new panties or him talking to me about them which seemed strange to me. Barry was trying to figure out if I knew about his secret folder so much so that for a few days he didn't look at it.

One night I brought home 3 new bras for Barry and a pair of silicone breast forms figuring he would have something to say to me. I showed him the bras and forms to get some reaction which was not much at all which was a sign for me to have him to wear one. A few minutes later Barry was wearing a bra and panties for me. Of course there was a conversation with me basically telling Barry I loved him in panties so much that it only made sense for him to wear a bra as well. All he did was ask why all of a sudden did I want him to wear a bra not mentioning his panties.

Barry did as I asked with far less trouble than I thought of a man forced to wear women's under garments. This got me thinking that the secret folder was no fantasy at all. A few days went by before Barry decided to talk about wearing a bra and panties as I listened. His biggest concern was why Helga. Can you imagine a man having only one question why his wife wanted him to wear panties and a bra? I explained to Barry that it was becoming popular for men to dress more feminine for their wives. Still looking puzzled Barry continued to wear his bra and panties at home. I on the other hand continued shopping for him while looking at sissy dresses for the future. The more I read and learned the more I figured Barry could be my sissymaid. I bought Barry a French Maid costume online locally mostly because it was his size. It would carry me over until a few proper sissy dresses were added.

One night while Barry was putting on one of his bras after a day at the office I walked in on him. That in itself would cause Barry to turn beat red however I never let on his face was red at all. I had him remove his pants then presented him with the French Maid dress, black pumps and stay up stockings. Barry looked at me thinking I must have found his secret folder by now but no way was I admitting anything of the sort. Standing in bra and panties Barry decided not to put on the French Maid dress all of a sudden.

In a way I expected he would give me grief at some point so best to deal with it then. A few days went by with me leaving the dress on the bed when he came home from work without him putting it on. Now Helga you know there was no sex for Barry during that time and I mean nothing not even touching. Barry continued to wear his bras and panties which told me he was interested enough but maybe embarrassed to go further. We know men don't we Helga and in time they will do anything to have their penis satisfied by their wives.

On the weekend after 6 days of no sex, no love, Barry decided to try wearing the French Maid dress and stockings by himself. He politely asked me to zip him up which I gladly did without hesitation. With Barry standing before me nicely dressed I pulled down his panties to give him a well deserved blow job. Right away in his brain he saw wearing his new dress was associated with sex which was exactly what I wanted him to see. I let Barry know he did good by putting on his new dress and that I knew he would sooner or later just like other men.

Barry was still holding back wondering if I knew about his secret folder however this was my fantasy now and holding back any knowledge of his fantasy was my game. One night I even talked to Barry about him as a sissymaid having all kinds of pretty dresses to wear for me. He kept his secret close to his heart never admitting anything.

As the days went on Barry continued to wear his French Maid dress and even learned to walk in heels. There were a few comments about why and such however for the most part they were ignored. I slowly began training Barry to clean the house while dressed so he associated his French Maid with serving me. Barry learned how to launder and iron our clothes while I coached him along. My back up line was he was performing just like the book said he would which kept him wondering what might be next.

It wasn't long before Barry's sissy dresses arrived which stepped up the training process and confirmed to Barry that he was becoming that sissymaid of his fantasy. As Barry assumed his role without ever refusing me in any way it was time to take Barry to another level and to show him I was now his Mistress. I started to use a strapon that I bought weeks before on Barry to drive home that he was my sissymaid now and I his Mistress. A few nights a week I would take him hard to show him just how much of a Mistress I had become.

Barry spent over a year looking and fantasizing about sissymaids whether he wanted to be one of just liked to look at the pictures and letters was something he kept to himself. Well his big mistake was doing it behind my back which led me to learn all about it. Barry has never admitted to knowing about this life however now he is living it and will be for a very long time. He accepted me as his Mistress without questions or objections which I credit to the strapon for helping with that process.

Barry is more feminine now than I am sometimes with his shaven body and waxed eyebrows. The question is what will I do to him next? Maybe breast implants. Years ago I would have never looked at Barry as a sissymaid or any of his friends. Now I look at the possibilities with all men even the ones who make us think they are macho men. We shall see if that is still the case when their wives put them in panties. Helga I love your website and all the work you do on it for us. I hope your readers enjoy Barry my sissymaid as much as I did transforming him into one.

Ruth M.

Thank you for your letter Ruth. Congratulations for helping Barry become your sissymaid which I suspect is exactly what he was fantasizing would happen. Kudos as well for keeping an eye on his online activities, no doubt there are many men doing the same, perhaps even while at work, lets hope they have an understanding wife such as yourself prepared to help them.


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