from Ann

Dear Helga,

I am a 23 year old woman attending university in the Toronto area. My major is in Business Communications with minors in Finance and Accounting. Academically, I have done well and my advisors tell me I'm on a great track to a bright future. I joined a well known sorority in my sophomore year and have to this point thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie and social aspects of membership, and I'm told that once out in the business world the contacts afforded will further enrich my career and life. Now, I'm from a small farming community where conservative values and social behaviors are held in high esteem. I learned of PDQ when researching the sorority's Turnabout Ball. I was somewhat in shock after signing the sorority oath of secrecy and had to look these things up to see if they were real. I'm struggling with the concept of the feminization of an unsuspecting male as being socially acceptable or at least not too far removed from normal. As such, there are many things that go over my head and I don't immediately clue in to, and I need your advice.

Sororities are rich with traditions such as homecoming parties, socials and dances, and community fundraisers. I recently learned of the sorority's secretive annual event, limited to the 3rd and 4th year members. The Turnabout Ball was established over 60 years ago in the 1950's and is a mandatory activity for at least one year of your upper class years. I was told that it is not your typically laughable and zany crossdress party like a womanless wedding or beauty pageant (Really, a womanless wedding?! ). The ball has a written objective of I) at the least, sensitizing young males to the feminine condition and social demands on the feminine gender so they'll make better partners and II) identifying candidates who could be conditioned for long term relationships with women who wish to lead a lifestyle with a partly or wholly feminized man.

The affair is held offsite at a popular resort and from the looks of the planning materials it could be confused for just a weekend of social activities, retreat-style, the highlight being a semi formal dinner and dance. Daytime activities include group games, movies, breakout groups, and crafts. Some of the nearby city's merchants attend and provide shopping and services strictly of feminine interests. So, the facility planning is pretty straightforward. What is not straightforward is the lengthy process of educating the sorority participants and providing background information on identifying and recruiting dates, plus techniques and tactics to immerse the subject into an unanticipated feminization process. The ball is held in late February but organization activities begin October.

We are free to choose a date (subject) of our choice should we think there is a good likelihood of a subject showing inclinations or otherwise fitting the profile, but the given recommendations are to ‘shop' for someone who has a suitable frame and is more of an intellectual as opposed to a gorilla-sized brut. Cross country runners, swimmers, and science nerds who are introverted or at least shy historically make the best subjects. I hope I am not judged as being cruel, but I decided my subject would be a nice young man in my chemistry class. We've worked on classroom experiments as lab partners and he took a bit of a shining to me, he is a sweet and nice guy and I feel a bit bad that I'm exploiting his interest in me.

I am not too far along with him but am about to ramp up his conditioning. After a few drinks one Saturday afternoon i bent him around my little finger, so to speak, and got him to agree to doing a YouTube “Do my boyfriends makeup” video which are quite a popular thing. My mother sells Mary Kay, so was able to procure in advance a complete set of makeup and products for Kevin for zero cost. Well, it went better than I expected and he looked drop-dead gorgeous, save for the lack of a wig, and was a good sport about it. And, he didn't say anything negative when I suggested to him that since we both had great fun, maybe we'd try it again in the near future. I bought a makeup bag to keep his products organized and I will gift him those along with his first purse prior to the gala event.

For me, the most difficult phase will be next. We were told the easiest way to introduce feminine dressing and behaviors is by trading physical pleasures commensurate with the progress. I'm not willing to go that far with someone I'm not about to marry, so will try plan B. Plan B is, while introducing feminine items or thoughts of feminization, to arouse the subject with hypnotic-like approval/discussion. Then providing lotion for self-relief while continuing the tender encouragement and expressing your joy of the subject's behavior. I will be steadfast in my plans that I'm saving myself for marriage and hope this will do the trick. This will indeed be a challenge.

I've surreptitiously measured for his sizes by checking his shoe size and reading his clothing labels while over at his apartment and to my delight he should be around a 10-12 dress size. His shoe size is 7 1/2 which will convert to a women's size 9 plus or minus. So, there will be no problem selecting a good fitting and very feminine dress and high heels. By the time he is encased in a panty girdle, long-line bra, slip and stockings he will have the figure that will be the envy of other young women and will catch the eye of men on the prowl.

Back to my dilemma - should I be doing this, is this unnatural or perverse? Initially I was somewhat repulsed by all this but my senior sorority sisters have put me mostly at ease. For me, I'm not sure I could have a long term relationship with a ‘turned' man, yet I now feel a spark of enthusiasm at the idea of feminizing an unsuspecting man. Helga, please share your thoughts with me.


Ann thank you so much for sharing your story about petticoating an unsuspecting young male and outlining the various processes the sorority uses for this special procedure. I don't see this as unnatural at all, many women prefer a female led relationship, I suggest you try it for a time to determine if its for you.


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