from Margot

Dear Helga,

I wonder if there is ever a time when a devotee of Petticoat Punishment becomes too old. My name in Margot and over the last 50 years I have had the pleasure of training several wayward males. I have now reached the age of 84 and still have a male under my control. My latest recruit was given to me by my lovely neighbour Dorothy who sadly died 8 years ago. He is named Wayne but I call him Sissy. Dorothy and I were firm believers in petticoating and she had Sissy under control for 32 years and following her death Sissy passed me a letter she had written which basically said "Thank you for your friendship and please place Sissy under your control and treat him as your slave."

I showed him the letter there and then and to test his reaction ordered him to strip naked and put him over my knee and spanked him soundly. From then onwards it was a simple case of continuing where Dorothy had left off. He is now more feminised and like Dorothy I keep him in chastity. As far as I know he has not had sexual intercourse since 1989 only giving Dorothy pleasure by use hands mouth and tongue. I of course make use of him this way as well.

I have moved him into my house so that he is fully focused on serving me as my housemaid (Suitably dressed of course). I have a metal cage installed on my wardrobe where I keep him when he is not working. He joins a long list of males who have lived in there including my 2 husbands (both sadly deceased) plus friends husbands/partners needing training.

So as you can see I have embraced this way of life and will continue to do so for as long as I can. Do you know of anybody who is older than me and still able to bend a male to their will?

Perhaps you can ask your readers?

(Dorothy introduced me to your site many years ago so thank you for spreading the word.)


Thank you for writing, its delightful to hear that you have been practicing Petticoat Punishment over the last 50 years, what a fascinating history, I would love to share your expertise with my readers. How wonderful you are still practicing with your current sissy and that she is providing the pleasure a strong confident person such as yourself deserves. So far I have not met another devotee your age or older but with publishing this letter someone may respond, of course I will let you know.


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