from Maggie

Dear Auntie Helga,

My wife got me interested in light crossdressing a few years ago. One thing led to another where she wanted me to do it more and more. It was always her that introduced the subject on weekends or vacations. I will admit it was sometimes fun to dress as a woman then try to walk and talk like one too. I did notice the more I played along the more my wife made me look feminine. It was while on vacation that she wanted us to leave the hotel as girlfriends so I could see what it was like to experience walking in public with my wife.

At first I was not into it but later I decided to let her have fun with me. We actually went to an adult shop to look at chastity devices. I always wanted to try one and my wife was also curious after reading so much about men in chastity. I woman at the store was full of knowledge so she told my wife how to put it on, how often to remove it for cleaning and how to lengthen the times in chastity. It was as though I wasn't there by the way they talked. That night at the hotel after a long bath together we both agreed to put the chastity device on. I wasn't able to last all night long which I heard was normal. Each day my wife left it on longer and longer with a goal of 4 week intervals. It took about 2 months of on and off before I could stand wearing it for a few weeks. My wife found that having me wear the chastity device changed me in ways I wasn't aware of at first.

As time went on my wife would ask me to plan on doing the laundry the next day while wearing a certain dress or outfit. It got to the point where my wife gave me a list of chores on a calendar. One morning I thought to myself why was I just going along with whatever my wife asked of me. We used to discuss things and sometimes disagree on certain topics. How was it that all of a sudden I was just doing what she told me and or working off the calendar? In just a few months I had gone from light crossdressing to full time living in women's clothing and rarely my own.

I decided to talk with my wife to let her know how I felt and to determine if this was her plan all along. She admitted that the chastity device changed me to be more submissive in ways she had not seen before in me. My wife also told me she liked the new me more than the old me.

What did that mean I asked myself?

We sat talking about the light crossdressing I used to do for her. I wanted my wife to know it was never my thing as much as it was hers. My wife let me know how much she appreciated me letting her have fun. We talked for a while about everything until she told me that in a few days we would be getting a package with maid uniforms in it. I was like what?

My wife explained she had always wanted to have a maid, a husband maid in fact. I was not happy to hear this after so many years. My wife apologized for never talking about it mostly because she never thought of me being her maid in real life. It was more a fantasy of hers until she got me wearing dresses. My wife slowly gave me more and more housework which convinced her I would be a good maid after all. I wasn't happy to hear this as I say in front of her wearing a pretty pink dress and with my penis locked. Inside I left taken advantage of and I knew she had me. All I could do was listen and look for opportunities to stop it from happening any more. My wife hugged me to let me know it was all going to be alright. She also told me that many husbands these days are living as maids or housewives under chastity.

I just kept thinking of how well my wife planned this from me in panties to shaving myself to be more feminine. My wife told me that she was so proud of me for accepting my fate and she promised to do whatever I needed to help me get used to it. The first thing I said was I didn't want to do this anymore. As my wife hugged me she whispered it will be just fine not to worry about it. Days later the maid uniforms arrived. My wife helped me take off my dress and put one of the uniforms on. As I did the last button and my wife tied my apron it was clear I was going to be her maid. My wife took a look at me with a huge smile on her face as though she had achieved her goal. Within a few days my wife had me wearing makeup along with a blonde wig. She wanted me to look as much like a real maid as possible in case neighbors saw me through the window. I tried to get out of it but it was no use while my wife continued to be so thrilled.

Auntie Helga, I don't think there is anything you can do for me at this point. I know there is nothing I can do now that I am my wife's maid. perhaps can you give me some positive reinforcement to help with my confusion? Is this really as common as my wife said to me?


How nice to hear from you Maggie and thank you for writing about your tradition to becoming your wife's maid. It would seem that your service has been on her mind for quite some time, she shares many of the same motivations as other strong confident women I speak with, it is really quite common. At this point my feeling is that you are going to be her maid for the time to come, I advise you to embrace your new role, be obedient and submissive to her. This can be a wonderful life for you both, a way to express your love and devotion and find happiness the same as so many other male maids.

Auntie Helga

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