from Veronica

Dear Helga,

I am writing to you on the subject of my husband Michael now maid Michelle. When I first met Michael in my early 30s it was obvious that he was drawn to my assertiveness and style of dress. I was a personal assistant to a high flying executive and dressed appropriately portraying an authoritative figure in a feminine way. I firmly believe that the two sit comfortably together and give the right impression. Michael was far from an alpha male and definitely leaned towards the submissive side; his caring nature was appealing. Although I was never short of male companions Michael became close and eventually proposed. My mother who is a strong dominant women found it difficult to understand how I could consider his proposal given his obvious submissive nature.

Shortly after our marriage my husband was made redundant and so at my insistence he took on the household duties as with my wage and family money there was no need for my husband to work. My mother was delighted with the turn of events and went out of her way to ensure my husband realised he was more of a domestic support to her daughter than a husband. My mother introduced me to your website which I found very enlightening and with her encouragement I began to feminise Michael insisting he dressed appropriately for his job which was as my maid. I also began to treat him more and more as an employee to the point that he became even more submissive.

At my mothers insistence Michael (Michelle) is now my full time maid and has moved into the spare room and is fully domesticated. She is taking hormones arranged through my mother's medical contacts and is responsible for all household chores.

With my mothers encouragement I began dating again and have redeveloped a close relationship with a former boyfriend who is very much all man. My mother is delighted with the situation and has offered to take Michelle on as her live in maid to ensure I can develop my new relationship without any distractions and to fully condition Michelle to her new situation. She is keen that as things develop Michelle should return to serve me in my new relationship. As they always say Mother knows best!


How delightful to hear from you Veronica and thank you for writing. It would seem your decision to marry Michael was the right one and has been beneficial for both your mother and yourself. Your marriage is the perfect example of an FLR and I am thrilled to share it with my readers.


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