I have been reading your letters and could not believe men actually would be so stupid to wear women's things and be a sissy slave for a woman. I was raised to think of woman as a person who minded their husband and did his bidding. Until Lisa came into my life.

Lisa at first seemed to be little miss proper and the type of woman I would allow to marry me. We dated for about two months and then one night we were watching a show on television and the woman was some chick from Israel and was acting like she was so tough she beat up on about four guys. I said how silly is this a woman beating up men. I also added that if such a woman was mine I would kick her cute ass. Lisa said I could beat your ass any time and then started my journey into submission. She said lets make a bet. I said anything girl, you name it. She said if she won I would become her full blown sissy slave. If I won she would be my slave for life. I laughed and said get our maid's outfit on girly. We moved the furniture around and I am thinking what a waste of my time this girl is going down fast. OK so you know how it ended I was on my butt in no time. She forgot to mention she had three black belts.

I tried to talk my way out of the bet by saying my back was hurt and I wasn't able to move around in the small area and other excuses. Lisa said you either keep your bargain or I tell everyone about your welching on the bet.

Since we were in her house she went and got a pair of satin panties and told me to put them on. My face turned red and I said no way and then I was on my butt again and told either walk out of the house and never came back and that she would be on Facebook fast telling everyone about the bet and who lost. I thought okay this one time and then it would be over. I removed my pants and put on the panties acting like it did not mean any thing but my manhood got hard and she laughed and said "I see you are enjoying being a sissy. About that time her camera was flashing fast with me trying to block her shots, but only looking like I was dancing around in them.

This month will be seven years of my sissy life. I have been her sissy and not only hers but her girlfriends. They have me dress in so many sissy outfits and do so many things. I have been made to wear a pink French Maid outfit and walk out to the car and load their suit cases in broad day light and I had to bend over with my butt to the street and hear horns blowing as men call out to me to come have sex. I have had to wear pink diapers and walk around in the yard in them.

Lisa now has a boyfriend who I bathe every night and I have to wash all of his parts. Some of my old friends say just run away. Believe me I have and she found me and I was beat up and pulled over her lap with my pants down and spanked in the parking lot of the motel. I am not doing that again.

Lisa and Candy and sitting here watching me type this and telling me what to say. Last week I did not clean the floors like I was told and I had to wear a pair of pink panties and a very short dress and crawl around in the front yard on hands and knees for two hours non stop. You would not believe the things these ladies can think of for me to do.

Sissy Pants

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