from Lorie

Dear Auntie Helga,

Auntie Helga this is a true story. It was told to me by an older man.

As a very young boy at fifteen I was never really strong and did little to help out around the house. I did not work on the farm since I was weak. I was five foot two inches tall at fifteen and grew to five foot four. My mother always protected me from my sisters who liked to bully me. Sandy was twelve and Cindy was a year older than myself. Cindy always called me Sissy Pants and some times Mommy would tell her to stop doing it in front of my friends (I only had three friends one was male the other were females friends).

My mother sat me down and told me the hard facts concerning my life. First she told me that I would never be a man in the since of real manliness. She said I might be a office worker or maybe a nurse but that was not really going to work if I had to lift someone. By the time she was done my head was in her lap and I was crying. You can only imagine what it felt like to know I was such a loser.

She suggested that I resolve to be a sissy for life. I soon learned what she meant. She reached in her apron pocket and took out a pair of panties and handed them to me. It was not long before my closet was filled with Cindy's hand me downs. I was doing house work like a maid. I would gather my sisters laundry and wash them and hang them out to dry. I did most of the house work. I would cry my self to sleep some nights and once in a while Cindy would hear me and yell shut up sissy.

At eighteen I got a draft notice and mother took me down to the office to join the Army and as soon as I walked in the place laughter exploded. There were seven men there to join up. The officer told me to go home and be a good little girl. So I felt doomed to live with mother until one of us died.

One day at the general store a boy came over to me and asked my name I told him Ron and he said you mean Rhonda don't you. I said no and turned to walk away. He took my arm and said to come with him. Once we were out of the place he pulled me to him and kissed me on the mouth, if made me fell strange but I liked it. In those days no one talked about gays, and to be honest with you I don't see myself as gay, just a girl trapped in a boys body. The boy's name is James and we have lived together for about twenty years now. I am the wife and he is my husband. His family treats me like a woman and I am happy now. I visit my family as other women do. On Thanksgiving and other holidays I cook food for the gatherings just as does Cindy and Sandy. It is to the point no one knows but family that I am under my panties I have male parts.

I think I sent this out so some one who is going through the same thing as I did will know there is a life for them. I don't know if you will post this on your site but if you do it might be a good thing.


Our terrific regular contributor Lorie has provided us with this wonderful memory, I appreciate you sending in this delightful true story.

Auntie Helga

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