The Rubberist's Diary

A Return To The Late 1950's

My dear Auntie Helga, a new chapter is certainly long overdue.

And so we again return to the late 1950s, and the long Summer visits to my strictly religious widowed Aunt and her teenaged daughter. I have previously told you about the hated 'beach rubbers', the red rubber bibbed rompers that I would be dressed in for visits to the nearby seaside. These created by my Aunt's dear friend Miss Smythe, the seamstress of the local Am/Dram society. Specialising in the manufacture of Victorian and Edwardian styles of costume, using rubber mackintosh proofed gleaming satins.

The beach rubbers consisted of baggy red rubber baby type pants with a large rubber bib at the front. Two wide rubber shoulder straps supported the rubbers and kept the garment tightly held up into the crotch. By the age of early puberty, I certainly found the rubbers to be very infantile to have to wear, out in full public view. My return to infancy was further increased, by my having to wear a frilled red rubber bonnet and an old fashioned leather baby harness and reins. My Niece forced a large rubber baby's dummy into my mouth to add to my humiliation.

Terry towel nappies were now always worn under the rubbers, and a second pair of heavy red rubber baby pants. Aunt would call this being put into 'double rubbers' and it quickly became very uncomfortable. Both the beach rubbers and baby rubbers had specially reinforced waist and leg elastics at the upper thighs. On being eventually stripped in the bathroom before my bedtime, bright red marks would be left by the tight rubbers when they were jerked down my legs.

The towel nappies had now been boil washed for many hours overnight in a concentrated Carbol solution. This left the soft towelling very coarse and abrasive against me.

I was recently circumcised by my German Nanny and due to my poor posture having had polio aged five years, my poor posture certainly needed attention.

The tight rubber 'Blakey' rings were fitted over my genitals causing me frequent nappy wetting. The coarse impregnated nappies would sting me intensely as my genitals were thrust very well forward against the inside of the nappies and rubbers. With the tears running down my cheeks, Aunt would instantly scold me loudly and tell me that it was my punishment for being 'such a big baby'.

Miss Smythe the seamstress would be visited for the fitting of my new hated Sunday best attire. I was first stripped naked before being nappied with a thorough application of a stinging pepper cream to my genitals, and a 'posture improving' garter/suspender waist was laced tightly onto me, and tightly supported gleaming black stockings held up well up to my upper crotch. Both heavily frilled and lace trimmed knee and ankle bloomers of a gleaming rubber mackintosh lined cream satin, were then buttoned up high under my armpits onto the rubber waistband.

A matching rubber lined blouse was pulled over my head and buttoned up at the back and a huge frill and lace adorned satin baby bonnet was placed on my head, and tied in place by a large satin ribbon under my chin. My niece put the large rubber baby's dummy into my mouth as Aunt tied a huge rubber bib around my neck. Several stiff and rustling petticoats were put on before a very short pink satin and rubber lined baby dress. Both my Aunt and Miss Smythe wholeheartedly agreed, that all big baby boys should be circumcised and kept properly 'rubbered' at all times. With baby bootees on my feet I was tightly strapped back into the leather baby harness and reins.

I was finally sat on my Aunt's red rubber apron clad lap. Taking up the large glass baby bottle my dummy was quickly exchanged for the large bottle's rubber teat, the woman force feeding me until I choked and dribbled onto my rubber bib. My special 'baby milk' was disgusting, a very quick acting hormone and diuretic. Aunt soon had her hand under my petticoats as I thoroughly wet my nappy, shivering at the intense stinging.

I was soon being proudly marched to morning church in a most emasculated and regressed state indeed.

(Part 2, a visit to the Vicar and his wife to follow.)



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