I was somewhat of a successful man. I had thought of wearing women's clothes a couple of times and never thought I would ever do it, but I did it not because I wanted to but because she wanted me to. I guess I should explain.

My secretary Lucy came to me one day and I was under a ton of stress. I had went to the doctor and he gave me pills that did no good. Lucy knew I was going through a lot of problems and was not thinking right. She asks me to come to her house that night and that she would show me a way to get rid of stress.

I arrived at her house at seven as she had ask me to. When I got there she told me to take off my shoes to start with. I did not know what she intended to do, but I knew I wanted to get rid of this stress. She began to talk to me about my problems as she knew them as well as I did. I began and soon was crying he handed me silk hanky, I did not notice at first but in a few minutes I realized it was her panties not a hanky. I said nothing but kept them in my hand. I went on for a while and she told me to take the panties to the bathroom and put them on under my pants. I went and did as she said when I returned I felt like I had a lot off my mind. All I could think of were the sift feeling of her panties. Soon she ask me how they felt and I told her they felt so nice. She then reached in a bag she had by her side and told me to remove my shirt and pants right there. I blushed like a little girl, I removed them as she told me to.

I was soon dressed in a training bra and a petticoat and a short dress I started to cry and she held me for a longtime and then told me to take off the clothes except for the panties. I don't know why but I wanted to keep all the clothes on. She told me to go home and that I was to wear the panties to work the next day under my clothes.

That day changed my life. Lucy came to my office as she did every morning with a cup of coffee she then told me what I was to do about a couple of my problems. Her answer was so obvious I did not know why I had not thought of it and she explained that I had been looking at the problems as a whole as men often do and she had broken them down to simply one at a time. Lucy has become my wife and she is now working with me and I have a new secretary but she does not work for me but Lucy. My new secretary knows I am Lucy's wife and that I wear the panties in the family.

They both take care of the most of the business affairs and I do the PR work. At home I do the house work and I want to be her wife in panties as often as I can. Becoming a sissy in petticoats has changed my life. I also have told my doctor he could have his pills and why. He has seen me in panties a few times on examines I have had. I should have gotten married to Lucy a long time ago.

From Tom and his wife Lucy

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