I had just moved to a small town in Kentucky and got a new job working in a men's clothing store. I had not been there more than a few weeks when the owner told me that he was selling the store and that the new buyers would be coming in at the end of the week. I asked if he thought the new owners would be keeping the staff on. He told me that he did not know but he would put in a good word for me.

Thursday the new owners came it was two women and they both were very pretty. I could not help but wonder why women would want to sell men's clothes. I stayed as far away as I could during their visit. Mr. Harvey told me that he had spoken to them about me and they said they might be keeping me on. I had a sound of relief come out as he told me.

The whole sale took place in a couple of weeks and myself and the two other salesmen were called to a meeting that evening. They introduced themselves as Marge and Danielle. They got right to the point saying that the sales had not been very good in the last year and they felt the need to only keep one person on staff. I waited for them, to say who they would keeping. Marge (the dominate one) said that I would be the one they were keeping. They did give the other two a check for two weeks as they had told Mr. Harvey they would because they had two weeks vacation pay coming.

On Monday I showed up for work early having a key I went right top work dusting the shelves and the uncovering clothes on the hangers as we had always done just to keep dust off of them. Marge came in about twenty minutes after myself. I went on working and she told me that Danielle would not be in she had to go to the realtor to look at a house they planed to buy. We worked moving stock around I had bent over to pull a box of shirts out when I heard her say that pink was a good color for me. I suddenly remembered that I had forgot to change before coming to work.

You see I had been wearing women's underwear ever since my sister had dominated me and made me her sissy slave after she had caught me going through her dresser looking for panties. I did not know what to say so I said thank you and blushed. She smiled and said nothing. At lunch time she asked me to go to the local Pizza shop and get us some food. She handed me a twenty and said now off with you girl. I again blushed and she kind of laughed.

That day went long but closing time came and she called me aside and asked me what colors I had. I stopped to think for a second not thinking about the panties. She pointed down at the front of my pants. I named a few colors and she said wear the purple tomorrow. I swallowed and said yes Ma'am. She said no I am Mistress and Danielle was Ma'am. I said yes Mistress and off to home I went having to pull my jacket closed so no one saw my point if you get what I mean.

The next day I again arrived early and found both of them in their offices going over the books. Marge called me to her office and Danielle followed me in. Marge said let us see them and she pointed for me to drop my pants. I un-latched my belt and opened my pants and lowered them. Danielle said oh my but you have a tiny little pee pee don't you sweetie. I looked down at the floor and they both laughed and Marge said from now on we will tell you what color to wear and if you don't have them you can take some cash from the register and go buy the right color. I said yes Mistress Danielle said how sweet I was to learn so fast which gender was the boss.

A month had passed and I came to work and told Mistress and Ma'am that my apartment building was being torn down and I had to find a new place to rent. They said how sad they were for me and they hoped I would find a place soon. Time slipped by fast and I could not find a place I could afford. Mistress called me to her office and they were both there Ma'am told me that they had decided to let me come live at their house in the country.

The day I moved in they showed me to my room. I almost fell over it was twice the size of my old apartment and on top of that it had a private bathroom. The only problem I had was everything was painted pink or purple. I suggested I could paint the rooms but they said no you will not. Mistress went on to say that I should check the closet space. I opened the door and saw several sets of pink French Maid outfits. They had purple Rumba panties and bras to match. I looked down to see seven pair of purple four inch heels and of course seven pair of pink stockings with garters. I felt myself slipping to the floor I had fainted. They brought me to and said poor dear did you ever do that before. I swallowed and said no. I looked down and saw while I was out they had redressed me in one of the outfits. I started to cry with tears running down. Danielle, said oh don't cry dear you will ruin your pretty make up.

Maid Merry

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