from Sydney

Dear Auntie Helga,

As I mentioned in my previous letter, after being subjected to increasing levels of petticoating by my younger step-brother Trevor, who was supported and encouraged by my step-mother, I went away to college, which meant that for the first time in many years I did not have to wear panties and could be home without having to wear a bra. Sadly for me, though, that did not completely end my being petticoated by Trevor and my step-mother.

The problem was that, from time to time, even though my college was quite far from home, I still did go home, and when I did, I again fell under the control of my step-brother and mother. The first time I returned home from college was at Thanksgiving of my freshman year. After a redeye flight, I arrived home on the Monday of Thanksgiving week, and that meant that Trevor was still at school for the day (he was a high school junior), which I thought would make everything a lot easier for me. One of the first things my step-mother said to me, however, was to ask me if I was wearing panties. I said no, and said I didn't do that anymore and sort of defiantly said that I had no intention of starting to wear them again. My step-mother laughed when I said that, and then said that I might think that my days of having to wear panties were over, but that Trevor had other ideas about it, and if I didn't want to have to face an angry Trevor, who by then was a lot bigger and stronger than me, then I was well advised to get change into panties, and more, right away.

That kind of scared me, because I had no desire to be hurt again by Trevor, so I asked if he had said anything. My step-mother said that, yes, Trevor had talked with her about the fact that I'd be home for the week, and that he had made it clear that he would be expecting me to be in panties the whole week, and to wear a bra at home as well, and that he had asked her if she would buy a new, more padded, bra for me to wear and to buy some inserts for it. And Trevor's girlfriend, Caroline, had also said that if I was going to be wearing panties and a heavily padded bra, I should probably be made to sleep in a nightgown too!

Foolishly, my first reaction was to tell my step-mother "no way". She just smiled, took out her phone, and told me she was texting Trevor to tell him what I'd said. At that point, I realized how much trouble I was going to be in, so I begged her not to send the text, but it was too late. I was distraught, and told her that I'd change into panties and the bra, and hoped that would satisfy Trevor. Again my step-mother laughed, and went with me upstairs and retrieved a pair of pink panties and a padded bra, handed them to me, and stood there while I changed into the panties and bra. She then helped me put the padded inserts in the bra cups.

I then asked her if she thought Trevor would still be angry, even after seeing me in the bra and panties. My step-mother said that wearing the panties and bra probably would have been enough if I had been compliant right from the outset, but now that Trevor knew that I'd started out by refusing to wear panties, I would probably have to do more in order to appease my step-brother. I wasn't sure what she meant, but without another word she left the room and then came back a couple of minutes later holding two hangars, one that held a gray pleated skirt and the other that held a very frilly pink blouse. At her urging, I put those on, and then she sat me down to put some makeup on me, some red lipstick, dark eyeliner, blue eye shadow, and a bit of rouge on my cheeks. Even with my short hair, when I looked in the mirror I looked like a girl.

When Trevor and his girlfriend got home from school, I greeted them the way that my step-mother had instructed me to, with a curtsey. Much to my relief, they both smiled, and Trevor said to his girlfriend something like "See, I told you there was only one real boy in this family."

I spent the entire week wearing only girl's clothes, and after that, whenever I returned home when my college was on break, the first thing I did was to change into a bra and panties and stockings or pantyhose and then either and skirt and blouse or a dress. And those breaks were then spent essentially being bossed around by Trevor and by my step-mother. For instance, that first Christmas, Trevor hosted a party at the house, so I had to spend most of two whole days cleaning and doing other preparations for the party, and then during the party itself I had to serve drinks and food and do anything else that was needed.

After I graduated from college, though, I basically stopped going home, because that was the only thing I could do to avoid being petticoated that way. But as you intuited, that didn't mean I stopped thinking about petticoating. Shamefully, after a year or so of not going home at all, I started to fantasize about being petticoated again, and now, three years after graduating college, I think about it constantly. I know how weird that must sound, that something I found so painfully humiliating and shameful has become something that I fantasize about. In these fantasies that I have all the time now, I return home and my step-mom and Trevor petticoat me again and train me to be my step-mom's full-time sissy maid. The thing is, if I were to go back home now, it seems reasonably likely that something quite like that would actually happen, and I've been very tempted a few times to do it, and right now I've been thinking very seriously that it is probably the right thing to do. What do you think?

Thanks for your thoughts.


How interesting to learn that they continued with your treatment even after you had become an adult. It seems obvious to me though you are reluctant to admit it, you actually enjoy being petticoated, wearing silky panties and the rest. Its a way to relieve yourself of guilt, you do this at someone else's behest therefore you have no blame. Now when you do return home as you probably will, in my opinion becoming your mother's sissymaid is the right thing to do.

Auntie Helga

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