from Sissymaid Merri
Dear Auntie Helga,

I hope that this letter finds you well. I most respectfully continue to admire you for your continued work on your Petticoat site—I know it requires significant work on your part.

My Mistress has told me to convey a quandary I was in when I first became her adoring maid. While I had previously dressed in my sisters lingerie and dresses, when I was put into my first maid uniform by my Mistress I had a problem. Mistress didn’t direct me to wear either pantyhose or stockings. I couldn’t decide which was appropriate for a maid.

I knew that many real women no longer wear pantyhose, they go without hosiery for comfort and to showcase their perfect legs. But that didn’t seem proper for a maid. I had often observed real maids before and had noticed that all of them wore pantyhose (often called tights in the U.K.). However I also knew that most sissymaids are required to wear stockings.

I wanted to be proper for Mistress Parker so naturally I asked her for her knowledgeable opinion. Perhaps sensing an amusing opportunity, she said she couldn’t decide which I should wear. So she instructed me to alternate back and forth until she came to a decision.

There is something about seeing a woman dressed in hosiery that I just can’t resist. I must say that I have a hopeless fetish for both types of hosiery. Perhaps realizing that, Mistress has me alternately wearing both types of hosiery even to this day. I've been required to ask several of her friends their opinion and they are divided. Miss Abigail, who was a wonderful mentor, was old school and she preferred me in stockings. Younger girls, like Mistress Angelica's niece Carol, like me to wear pantyhose. I have read both opinions on your valuable site.

I know that this question is quite personal for a lady so please forgive me. If it is not too much to ask, my Mistress has told me to respectfully ask for your own opinion so that I may have a better understanding of what a real Mistress might prefer in her maid. I have extremely highest regard for opinions from real women because I am always trying my best to emulate a real maid for my Mistress. So I would most gratefully appreciate your valued opinion.

Most humbly and with utmost respect for your authority,

Sissymaid Merri


How delightful to hear from you, it has been far too long. Thank you so much for your kind words about my site and yes, it does require significant work on my part but as you know, much of the content comes from readers such as yourself.

Both tights and stockings have their attraction, I feel the tights and pantyhose are suitable for work that might involve a lot of bending, or being on her knees as she cleans the floor, or wet work while hand washing Mistress's delicate items. On the other hand, stockings along with a garter belt, I feel appear much sexier and more suitable for those instances of more formal services, while serving Mistress and her guests for instance or while in her personal service.

I hope this helps in your decision.

Auntie Helga

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