from Vic (Curtesy of Mistress Alison

Dear Mistress Alison,

For the past year I have read about petticoat training with an increasing interest. My girlfriend and I are in our early twenties. Carly isn't interested in kinks of any kind or at least wasn't months ago. One day I finally got the courage to talk to her about maybe letting me try some crossdressing. I got the look so I didn't push the issue. One night a week later I complimented Carly on what she was wearing and said I wished I could have something like what she has on too. Once again I got a look but later Carly asked me why all of a sudden did I have an interest in chick clothes. I couldn't give an answer mostly because I didn't actually know the answer. Carly wanted to know so she asked again. I let her know something inside me just wanted to know what wearing chick clothes was like. Carly asked me what types of things did I want to know so she could explain them to me. It wasn't what I wanted so I let her know I wanted to wear the clothes not know about them.

Carly wanted to think about it before I got an answer days later. Then she said to me if I wanted to buy a top, capris and sandals like she had on the night I asked then she would help me order them online. Carly wasn't prepared to go shopping with me at all. We sat together while she showed me the styles and colors. Carly took my measurements then placed the order. We ordered a pair of high heel sandals and a bra. Days later the packages arrived. I waited for Carly to come home so she could help me. After dinner Carly helped me slip into the capris. Right away she told me to take them off and my underwear. She gave me a pair of white nylon panties then told me to try on the capris again. Carly told me boxers didn't go with capris. Carly then put the bra on me then filled the cups with some panties, I put the top on, then proceeded to try on the high heel sandals. I will admit to feeling embarrassed not to mention uncomfortable. Carly told me I looked ridiculous although she thought it would have been worse.

That started my interest in wearing chick clothes which led me to sites like PDQ. Carly slowly got used to me wearing clothes like she wore. She insisted I shave myself to get rid of the hairs on my legs, chest and arm pits. Carly told me I would never look like or be a woman but she could help me look better.

I had my days when I liked to dress in those clothes and days I didn't want to wear them. In a way that worked well with Carly since she had days when she liked me in those clothes and days when she didn't. Carly did buy me more panties, bras, stockings, heels and a dress. Carly knew I mostly liked shorts, tops and capris. Carly also bought me proper breast forms that gave me a better shape. One day Carly found out I had been reading PDQ so she read the letters for that month without telling me. Then without me knowing Carly bought me a maid uniform. One Saturday morning Carly told me she bought something for me before I got dressed. She told me it was a dress so she wanted me to wear a certain bra, stockings and get out my black heels. There I stood wearing panties, bra, garter belt, stockings and heels. Carly told me to close my eyes while she put the dress on me. I felt it go over my head then Carly do the buttons up the front. When she was done I was told to open my eyes. I looked down to see a white apron around my waist with a confused look on my face. What kind of dress had an apron I wondered. Carly took my hand to lead me to the big mirror where I could have a look at what she bought. I wasn't sure how to react so I thanked her very much then waited. Carly explained it was a maid uniform or dress that she wanted me to have. When I asked why I remembered PDQ and wondered if Carly had read PDQ. It turned out she had read more about petticoating than I thought. Carly went on to let me know she liked the thought of me as her maid more than she did with me in capris.

Carly went on to tell me that if I wanted to continue to have her support and for her to allow me to dress as a woman then she wanted me to take on maid duties. Carly felt it was fair for me to work to earn the clothes she bought and would continue to buy. She pointed out the bra I wanted her to buy and a dress I had my eyes on. In order to buy those Carly insisted I work for them. It all sound new to me and some what confusing. It was only fair so I agreed to work for my clothes. Carly gave me a big hug as I made her happy. I think it also made her happy that she was going to get something out of allowing me to dress that way.

Before I knew it Carly had purchased a few more maid uniforms which I ended up wearing every day. Carly also locked my penis in chastity which I had once asked her to do. I never thought she would though. Carly educated herself on having a husband maid to the point that I am now doing everything from cleaning to cooking at home. Carly is very nice to me while she has complete control of my penis and me.

On the weekends when we entertain friends or family I only wear panties and of course my chastity. Some of the family members and friends have asked Carly what has gotten into me because I prepare dinner and clean up. I'm the one serving drinks while Carly enjoys herself. Carly hasn't said anything to anyone about the new arrangement or has she? Her cousin wondered why I have pierced ears and why no more hair on my arms. Carly just gave her an answer that ended the questioning. Carly's mother asked me if I had trimmed my eyebrows. Carly jumped in to say they were too bushy so she trimmed them for me.

Carly asked me if I ever thought of going out of the house in either my maid uniform or pink dress. I said nervously no I hadn't. Carly said to me maybe we should do that Vic. I was like no way I would enjoy that at all. Carly said to me, she would enjoy it and why not when I looked so pretty in pink. I begged Carly to reconsider with no success. An hour later I found myself in Carly's car heading out of the subdivision. As Carly drove there was a smile on her face as though she enjoyed pushing me to go out with her. While I wasn't paying much attention Carly headed to her mother's house. Before I knew it we pulled up in her mother's drive way. Once again I begged Carly to back up and leave quickly. Carly shut the car off then motioned me to come with her. I was absolutely terrified as we walked in the house to show me off to her mother. With purse in hand we walked out to the back of the house where Carly's mother was watering her flowers.

Carly's mother looked up with a surprised look on her face more at me than Carly. We were both wearing dresses so we looked nice but I mean that was Carly's mother looking and wondering at me. She turned off the water then looked me again. Carly said to her mother well what so you think of my new Vic? Apparently Carly's mother knew about my new life as a maid but had not seen me that way. Carly's mother said that I looked very pretty and Carly did an excellent job of my makeup. I had nothing to say for a few minutes while I froze. Carly's mother told me not to worry and that life as a sissymaid was going to be so rewarding as it was for Carly's father before he passed away. I was shocked to hear that when all along I thought Carly was against me crossdressing in capris and sandals.

Carly's mother asked me how it was going so far. I let her know up until walking out of the house that day it was good. They both laughed. Carly's mother let me know she had some jewellery and maybe a dress or two that I might like to have later. She made it quite clear that going forward she expected to see me wearing nothing but dresses or skirts. Carly's mother offered to keep all my men's clothes at her house so I wouldn't be tempted to wear them. I looked at Carly to say help me please. We have friends and family that sure don't want to see me in a dress or skirt. Carly thanked her mother but let her know she had a place already for my clothes.

We stayed for dinner then I cleaned up while the ladies sat outside. By the time the sun started to go down Carly let me know it was time to head home. I was so happy to leave even though it had gone alright. On the way home Carly told me that I was going to get used to going out more with her and that it was just a test to see if I could do it today. My heart pounded not knowing what was next. Carly told me about her father as a maid. I then knew Carly had planned for me to be a maid for a long time. I also knew that there was no way of going back after meeting Carly's mother. That was basically to show her mother that she did it. Carly told me that although her mother wanted my clothes that wasn't going to happen. She confirmed that in front of friends and family I would remain Vic. Carly told me that they might think something is going on but she won't confirm or deny.

Mistress Alison, I wanted to let you know that PDQ works for husbands and wives. It's also much different to live as Carly's maid than it was to dream about it. Something in my brain triggered that day Carly put the maid uniform on me that I can't explain. Some how I knew that was supposed to happen even though it scared me. My relationship with Carly is better than it was before in ways I can't explain. Carly compliments my appearance and my work every single day. I praise Carly as my queen and have thanked her so many times for allowing me to buy my first pair of capris which I still wear on Sundays.

I hope you find my email interesting. Also I thank you for the work you do on the PDQ website.


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